Red Velvet’s Irene Renewed Contract with SM, “SM Made Me Who I Am Today”

On February 7, it was reported that Red Velvet’s Irene renewed her contract with SM Entertainment. In the official announcement of this decision, Irene stated, “I renewed my contract due to deep trust with the company staff who have been working with me since my debut, and SM, which made me who I am today.” 

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The female idol also added, “I express my gratitude to the fans who have always supported Red Velvet, and I will show various activities with the members this year.”

irene red velvet

Meanwhile, regarding Irene’s contract renewal, SM Entertainment stated, “Following Seulgi, we have renewed the contract with Irene based on mutual trust and partnership”, adding, “We will support her (Irene) in various ways to actively engage as a global artist, and we ask for continued love and interest.”

It is known that another Red Velvet member, Seulgi, also renewed her contract with SM Entertainment back in September last year. 

On the other hand Red Velvet has established themselves as the “concept queens” with numerous hit songs of different concepts such as “Red Flavor,” “Peek-A-Boo,” “Psycho,” and “Feel My Rhythm.” As they approach their 10th debut anniversary this year, anticipation for Red Velvet’s activities is growing.

Source: Naver