Red Velvet’s Joy “Rapping ‘Chill Kill’ was awkward, but I put on a poker face and did it”

Red Velvet’s Joy shared her thoughts on attempting rap

Red Velvet appeared as a guest on the November 23rd broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s “Lee Eun-ji’s Song Plaza”.

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Host Lee Eun-ji mentioned Wendy and Joy attempting rap, “The members are so versatile, and they tried something new.

red velvet

To Lee Eun-ji’s words “At this rate, they might go on ‘Show Me The Money’“, Wendy said, “The rap part this time was tough. It was difficult to control the tone. English rap was okay, but it was challenging to match the lyrics. The lyrics go ‘Look how much has changed’ then ‘Look how I’m quite changed’. It was a bit challenging.

Lee Eun-ji asked Joy, “Watching the recording behind-the-scenes video, I can see that you did your best with a pencil in your hair. Was the rap part hard?

Joy replied, “It was hard. This album broke the rules. Members who sing a lot rapped, and members who rap sang more. We are all-rounders. I ended up rapping more, and it felt a bit awkward, but I put on a poker face and did it.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet made a comeback with their third full-length album “Chill Kill” on November 13th. This album features a total of 10 songs, including the title track of the same name.

Source: Daum