Red Velvet’s Joy Voiced Frustration about SM’s Lacking Promotion 

On August 1, 2024, girl group Red Velvet will be celebrating their 10-year debut anniversary – an extremely important benchmark for any K-pop artist.

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Meanwhile, SM previously announced that they plan for Red Velvet to have a comeback in the 2nd quarter of 2024, but June has already arrived without any news regarding the girl group. As a result, fans are extremely dissatisfied, especially considering that the comeback is right before Red Velvet’s 10-year anniversary. 

As if sympathizing with fans, Red Velvet’s Joy has also voiced her frustration. In particular, the female idol published several scathing messages on the fan communication platform Bubble, complaining about the lack of promotions for Red Velvet’s comeback. 

“I’m also curious. If you look up the list of artists with comebacks in June, some names will appear, right? In fact, other groups in our company are mentioned. But, why does no one know about us (Red Velvet)?”, Joy said, adding, “Until when will this (our comeback) be a secret? Did they (SM) forget to announce it? Or are they incapable of it? Will there be an announcement next week?”

red velvet joy

In addition, Joy also responded to fans, agreeing that since this is a 10-year anniversary comeback, it should not be taken lightly. In fact, the female idol even confirmed that since she vented on Bubble, attention will be drawn, leading to articles covering the issue.

Under topics about Joy’s remarks, many netizens were shocked to learn that Red Velvet is coming back and expressing sympathy for Red Velvet. Some also criticized SM Entertainment’s unprofessionalism. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Wow this must be very upsetting. It’s their 10th anniversary and SM is doing a shit job…
  • How can they treat Red Velvet like that 
  • 10-year anniversary is an extremely important occasion… and SM is flunking it???
  • What the hell is wrong with that marketing and scheduling team?
  • This is the first time I heard about Red Velvet making a comeback in June….

Source: Instiz, Krb