‘Remarriage and Desires’ Cast Update 2024: What’s Next for Kim Hee Sun, Lee Hyun Wook, More?

Among the hit K-dramas that depict revenge, “Remarriage and Desires” delivered a unique story about women who want to be in a high-class marriage with the help of a matchmaking company.

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Starring Kim Hee Sun, Lee Hyun Wook, Jung Eugene, Park Hoon, and Cha Ji Yeon, the exclusive matchmaking agency played a significant role in finding women to marry an attractive and stable partner.

In this way, they would become part of the highest echelon of society.

‘Remarriage & Desires
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“Remarriage & Desires” Poster

Remarriage and Desires Press Conference
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Released in 2022, “Remarriage and Desires” took pride in its list of notable stars known for their versatility.

Two years since the revenge drama premiered, here’s where the “Remarriage and Desires” cast is now, and their upcoming and current projects that keep them busy.

Kim Hee Sun

Remarriage and Desires
(Photo : Kim Hee Sun Instagram)

Taking on the role of Seo Hye Sung, the 46-year-old actress transformed into a revenge-driven mother, whose life changes after the death of her husband. She wants to clear the image of her husband and rebuild her life by getting into an upper-class marriage match.

Best known for her roles in “Alice,” “Room No. 9,” and “Woman of Dignity,” Kim Hee Sun also played the strategic leader of the crisis management team in “Tomorrow” with Rowoon, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Yun Ji On.

Kim Hee Sun is set to return to the small screen with an upcoming K-drama, “Our House.” Here, she plays as Korea’s best psychological counselor, Young Won, along with a roster of talented co-stars like Kim Nam Hee, Lee Hye Young, and more.

Lee Hyun Wook

Remarriage and Desires
(Photo : Netflix)

Portraying the role of Lee Hyung Joo, he is the chairman of a self-made venture company who wants to overcome his failed marriage. In the story, he is also considered the very VIP, regarded as the “black” grade groom in the matchmaking agency.

Following the revenge drama, Lee Hyun Wook played a lead role in “Song of the Bandits,” which starred Kim Nam Gil.

In addition to his upcoming dramas, viewers will get to see him in the historical series “Won Kyung” as Lee Bang Won or Prince Jeongan.

Furthermore, the actor will be booked and busy with multiple projects as he is also selected to headline “The Queen Lives in Seoul.”

Jung Eugene

Remarriage and Desires
(Photo : Netflix)

Playing the K-drama villain is Jung Eugene, who transformed into the ambitious Jin Yoo Hee, a lawyer from a top firm who wants to marry a wealthy man. She is also the secret lover of Hye Seung’s ex-husband, who framed him for having an affair.

K-drama fans might be familiar with her as Jang Han Na in “Snowdrop.”

Interestingly, she will have a new K-drama airing in 2024.

Joining Jung In Sun and Choi Siwon, Jung Eugene will become part of the rom-com series “DNA Lover,” airing in the second half of the year.