Renowned Music Composer Tested Positive on a Drug Test


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Church caretaker: At first, he seemed a bit disoriented here. He was trying to enter through that door, where the priests reside. When asked where he came from, he replied, “I lose my mind occasionally,” and then left. When I arrived for work, I saw him here, wearing their hoodie backward and dancing around.

“A report received: a man walking the streets without clothes.”

“A syringe was found at an unmanned cafe… tested positive for drugs.”

“The man confirmed to be Mr. Choi, renowned music composer in his 30s.”

According to police investigation results, Mr. Choi was identified as a musical composer. The police have arrested Mr. Choi and are investigating the circumstances of drug use and acquisition.

-Who is it?

-Oh no, who did drugs again and took songs out of my playlist ㅠㅠ

-What the heck, it’s not even Harlem, is he crazy?

-He doesn’t seem famous

-He went into a church??

-Whoever it is, famous or not, I want to know who’s doing drugs.

-It’s hilarious to imagine him wearing his hoodie backwards.

-An unmanned café???

-Just typing composer Choi makes it pop up right away.

-The video is scary…

-According to the police investigation, Mr. Choi has been identified as a musical composer.

-Ah, I hope it’s not related to my favorite idol, damn…

-I looked it up, he’s extremely famous.

-When I looked it up, his name popped up right away. If it’s real, he’s a really famous composer..

-Since they’re a musical composer, it doesn’t seem to be the composer I know.

-Wow, when I looked it up, he really is a famous composer.

-Be careful, it might not be who you think, even if their age matches and you know the person.

-Who the hell is it?

-Some are saying he’s a musical composer and some are saying he’s a K-pop composer.

-But drug abuse in our country is really serious, what should we do?