Resale Prices Surge After New Jean’s Tokyo Dome Fan Meeting Sells Out


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-Total of resale tickets: 187 tickets

-Transactions in progress: 128 tickets

-Highest price: Premium seat originally costs 22,000 JPY –> 100,000 JPY/ticket

-Highest transaction price: Premium seat originally costs 22,000 JPY –> 98,000 JPY/ticket

-Lowest transaction price: Standard seat originally costs 13,000 JPY –> 14,750 JPY/ticket

Despite the fan meeting being held on a weekday and the fact that it’s New Jeans’ debut fan meeting at Tokyo Dome, resale prices surge after all the tickets sold out.

-I want to go so badly…

-Fan meeting at Tokyo Dome… Seriously, is HYBE out of their minds?

-?????? Insane.

-100,000 JPY/ticket is crazy…

-Did they fill up that huge place?

-If you leave them alone, they’ll become the group that HYBE will rely on next after BTS and Seventeen. They’re young, don’t have to go to the military, and yet they’re treated like this. It’s unbelievable.

-New Jeans’ popularity in Japan is no joke. What’s with those people who said they’re not that big in Japan?

-It’s sold out? But there isn’t even a single article about it? Is this how HYBE normally operates?

-Wow, Tokyo Dome.

-It’s incredible.

-HYBE, please get it together. Stop bothering Min Heejin and let Min Heejin stay with New Jeans. It’s for your own benefit too. Get a grip.

-Filling Tokyo Dome with a fan meeting is truly remarkable…

-Oh, but wasn’t this a lottery system?

-New Jeans is amazing. I hope they will hold a concert in Korea soon.

-If their fan meeting is this big, imagine how much bigger their concert will be.

-Wow, it’s amazing how they really hit it big in Japan despite not having Japanese members at all. Incredible. 

-How many songs has New Jeans released?

-People saying that the tickets only sold out because the guests is really hilariousㅋㅋㅋ Who goes to New Jeans’ fan meeting just to see the guests?ㅋㅋㅋ