Revisiting Changes in Produce 48 IZ*ONE’s Rankings


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+Lee Gaeun

Ham Chowon

-Isn’t it shameless to steal someone else’s life and not feel guilty about it?

-Seriously, are you joking with someone’s live?

-It’s truly bitter. Mnet’s victims have had a hard time in the entertainment industry for various reasons, while those who debuted through manipulation are doing well. If it was manipulated, Mnet should’ve given them another chance. Mnet even hindered the victims; the most pitiful one from my perspective is Lee Gaeun, who is hardly mentioned.

-The phrase “stole someone else’s life” is perfect for this situation.

-Ham Chowon was my pick…

-Indeed, celebrities have to be shamelessㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-I’m really curious about the original rankings.

-I had many thoughts while looking at Lee Gaeun’s Instagram yesterday, and now this post… I voted for Lee Gaeun at that time, and of course, she must be living happily now, but I’m so regretful. If only she had debuted, everything would have been different.

-So, did those fabricated members know they would make it into the rankings? I used to like them, but it’s so heartbreaking for those who couldn’t debutㅜ

-Kwon Eunbi was originally in the safe zone; her visual and performance are undeniable.

-As expected, everything will be forgotten if you just let it pass.

-It’s bitter to think there are people who are living off others’ lives and opportunities.

-What’s the sin of those who had their debut taken away from them, really,,,

-It’s not just the final rankings that were manipulated; they manipulated it all throughout.

-If Jang Wonyoung was actually 8th, then who was 1st?

-In Korea, it’s usually the victims who suffer… the perpetrators are just quiet.

-Isn’t it too obvious who the 2 manipulated members are?…