RIIZE Anton & ITZY Chaeryeong Raise Brows with Their Stunning Similarities— Here’s What Stans Say

The K-pop world has been sent into a frenzy as two rising stars, RIIZE’s Anton and ITZY’s Chaeryeong, are captivating fans and netizens alike with their jaw-dropping resemblance.

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The uncanny similarities between these two idols have fans doing double-takes and leaving them utterly astonished.

RIIZE Anton and ITZY Chaeryeong Leave K-Pop Fans in Shock with Their Similarities

Among the seven talented members, the spotlight has undoubtedly fallen on Anton, the group’s maknae (youngest member) and the son of none other than the renowned producer and singer Yoon Sang

RIIZE Anton & ITZY Chaeryeong

(Photo : The Qoo)

Anton’s debut with RIIZE set the stage for a whirlwind of attention, but it wasn’t the music or his performance that immediately grabbed headlines—it was his striking resemblance to ITZY’s Chaeryeong.

RIIZE Anton & ITZY Chaeryeong

(Photo : The Qoo)

A Korean netizen wasted no time creating an article titled “if he is a younger brother, he looks like a male and female idol who seems to be believed.”

The side-by-side photos of Anton and Chaeryeong left netizens in disbelief, with their comments echoing the shockwave:

  • “Seriously, he’s the male version of Chaeryeong.”
  • “He looks like Chaeyeon too!”
  • “Wow! They really do look alike.”
  • “If Chaeryeong has short hair, she’s Anton… If Anton has long hair, it’s Chaeryeong.”
  • “No wonder Anton looks familiar!”
  • “It’s amazing. They even look more similar than her real sister.”
  • “Wow, they look like twins.”
  • “Not only do they have similar faces, but they also have similar speech patterns.”
  • “I thought it was Chaeryeong in that knit vest, and she’s just wearing a short wig…”
  • “They look like brothers and sisters!”
  • “I didn’t notice it at first, but now I can really see how similar they are.”
  • “The noseline is really similar too.”
  • “They look alike, but Chaeryeong is like a cat and Anton is like a dog.”
  • “I would believe that they are really brother and sister. Their faces are too similar.”

The resemblance between Anton and Chaeryeong has transcended mere visuals, extending to their mannerisms and speech patterns, leaving fans utterly bewildered.

RIIZE Rewrites K-Pop History: Debut Album ‘Get A Guitar’ Surpasses 1 Million Sales in First Week

RIIZE, the latest addition to SM Entertainment’s roster, has made an unprecedented mark in the world of K-pop with their debut album, “Get A Guitar.”

Since its release on September 4, along with the pre-release track “Memories,” RIIZE has been consistently smashing records on various music charts.


(Photo : twitter|@RIIZE@)

From September 4 to 10, Hanteo Chart, a prominent music chart provider, published a list of top-performing albums.

 According to their data, RIIZE’s “Get A Guitar” achieved remarkable success by selling a total of 1,016,849 album copies during its inaugural week.

This accomplishment stands as a historic milestone for RIIZE as they have become the first non-survival show boy group to achieve such a feat.

In the annals of Hanteo’s history, RIIZE is also the inaugural boy group to surpass the 1 million sales mark within the first week of their debut album’s release, setting a new standard.

Notably, this remarkable record had previously been held by the project boy group ZEROBASEONE, which was formed through Mnet’s widely popular survival program, “Boys Planet.”

RIIZE’s ascent to stardom was further accelerated by their affiliation with SM Entertainment, one of the prestigious “Big 4” K-pop agencies.

In a noteworthy prelude to their debut, JTBC reported on September 4 that RIIZE had already amassed a staggering 1,032,144 stock pre-orders for “Get A Guitar,” signaling the group’s undeniable impact and widespread anticipation within the K-pop community.