RIIZE ‘Impossible’ entered the Melon Top 100 at #39

RIIZE ‘Impossible’ entered the Melon Top 100 at #39

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1. I like this song

2. I think the ranking will go up even higher

3. I will listen to this song at lunch tomorrow. It’s perfect for this weather

4. I like Siren. That’s the song I listen to on the way to work. I’ll also listen to Impossible

5. This song is really my style

6. RIIZE always does well

7. I love the song so much

8. RIIZE is always good at choosing songs

9. They’re not as good as female idols, but among male idols, they seem to do the best

10. It’s trendy and perfect for this season

11. RIIZE’s music seems to be developing so well

12. Wow, I think now I can trust RIIZE’s music

13. The song is so good

14. I don’t know much about charts, but are their rankings good??

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