RIIZE Shotaro’s fans are sending protest trucks in front of SM Ent. HQ

The future of the group is dark if the valuable main dancer is being neglected. Protect the precious existence of Shotaro’s laughter. 

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Why apologize on broadcast when the leader, Shotaro, is not at fault? 

SM 3.0 Center 5 has the worst marketing ever. Shotaro has been cut off not just for once or twice! Stop discriminating against Shotaro!

Center 5 is the source of (fans’) anxiety for their worst countermeasures


-Why are Chinese fans like this?

-I totally understand why they sent protest trucks. But some people might think he did something wrong if fans keep doing this. 

-Honestly, about the apology in the live broadcast… I’d be mad too

-Anyone can send protest trucks…

-Who sent this? Oh, it’s written there… Chinese fans

-It’s frustrating… well, this too shall pass.

-I really sympathize with the last comment.

-It’s upsetting.

– I understand being angry, but if someone who doesn’t know sees it briefly, they might think Taro is the problematic one.

-Neglecting the main dancer, I don’t quite sympathize with it. Shotaro participated in creating some of the choreography and his work has made headlines. Everyone knows that Shotaro is not being neglected as the main dancer. 

-It’s understandable to be angry, but too many truck protests might create backlash…. It would be more effective to withdraw quickly and pursue a different approach.

– I was really annoyed yesterday, but I don’t think sending trucks was appropriate… I honestly don’t understand the message. I totally agree that he shouldn’t have apologized, but I can’t empathize with the rest. Just in case, I’m mentioning that Shotaro is my bias.

-Fans might send it because they’re upset.

-When did they neglect Taro? Taro performed as the main dancer in year-end stages, SM Concert special stages, etc. He’s being treated well.