RIIZE Sungchan Shocks BRIIZEs with ‘Disrespectful’ Fansign Behavior — ‘That Fan’s Money and Time Is Wasted’

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RIIZE member Sungchan has sparked controversy after fans criticized him for allegedly displaying a bad attitude during a recent video call fansign event. According to fans, Sungchan appeared distracted and was seen focusing more on his own appearance than engaging with fan questions.

During the call, a fan asked Sungchan if she could like someone else. His initial response was hesitant and distracted, as captured in the exchange:

A post shared by instagram


Fan: “Can I like another person?” Sungchan: “Go ahead.” Fan: “Really? I can really like another person?” Sungchan: “Yeah… Yeah… No, you can’t.”

Fans took to social media to express disappointment, highlighting instances where Sungchan adjusted his screen to focus more on himself rather than responding attentively to fan queries. This behavior, they argued, detracted from the fans’ experience and suggested a lack of consideration.

One fan criticized Sungchan’s demeanor, stating, “From the beginning to the end, he’s not listening to the questions [from the fan], but is only looking at his own face.” Others pointed out that this was not the first instance of such behavior from Sungchan during fansign events.


In defense of the idol, some fans argued that Sungchan typically demonstrates a positive attitude towards fans. One supporter expressed frustration at the quick judgment, saying, “Bad people do one good thing and get judged as a good person, while kind people do one bad thing and get cursed out.”

However, criticisms continued with fans questioning Sungchan’s engagement and professionalism during fansigns. Comments like “That fan’s money and time is wasted” and “Sungchan, this isn’t it” reflected disappointment among fans.


Meanwhile, Sungchan’s recent comment on a fan post has sparked a wave of reactions on social media. The comment, “Let’s be together forever,” was seen by many as heartwarming, yet some interpreted it as implying support for RIIZE as a six-member group, potentially excluding Seunghan, who has been on hiatus since November 2023.

This interpretation angered some BRIIZEs, who defended Sungchan, insisting that his words encompass all seven members of RIIZE. The incident highlighted tensions and differing interpretations within the fandom regarding the group’s future composition and support for its members.