RIIZE was criticized for their singing skills with the ‘BOOM BOOM BASS’ encore on Show Champion

RIIZE ‘BOOM BOOM BASS’ wins 1st place on Show Champion Speech + Live encore

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1. Can a singer who is nervous when singing be called a real singer?

2. They are the group with the worst singers in SM history

3. Who is the main vocalist?

4. No matter how good Shotaro is at dancing, he can’t even sing, so how can he debut? Furthermore, he transferred from NCT to RIIZE, and there are hardly any people in SM like him, so I’m really surprised that he’s at Sakura and Moka’s level..ㅠ

5. Honestly, it’s not good. Honestly, out of all the SM idols currently active, I think they are the worst

6. These guys make money really easily

7. After watching the live broadcast, I was surprised because the live performance was not as good as I thought. There is no member that I think is particularly good at singing

8. Wow, are those Japanese people on the same level as Sakura?

9. Honestly, there are no rookie idols who sing as bad as them…

10. They all sing badly. Who is the main vocalist?

11. I can’t believe there will be a day when SM idols will be criticized for their singing skills

12. Out of all the male idols I’ve seen, I think they had the worst encore

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