RIIZE Wonbin Steals Hearts on ‘Music Bank’ — Here’s Why

In the ever-evolving landscape of K-Pop, the emergence of new talents is always met with anticipation and scrutiny.

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SM Entertainment’s latest boy group, RIIZE, debuted only a few days ago, but they have already sent ripples through the industry with their exceptional abilities.

As the group actively promotes their debut album, “Get A Guitar,” on various music programs, fans and netizens alike have been struck by the group’s impressive stage presence and professionalism, traits not commonly found in fresh-faced rookies.

Wonbin’s Universal Appeal 

Amid the buzz surrounding RIIZE, one member, in particular, has emerged as a standout sensation. Even before his official debut, Wonbin garnered praise for his striking visuals. Now, with his on-stage prowess, he has only further cemented his status as a rising star in the K-Pop world.

Recently, an online forum post sent fans into a frenzy as they gushed over Wonbin’s appearance during RIIZE’s recent performance on “Music Bank.”

Screenshots from Wonbin’s fancams circulated widely, and despite their less-than-perfect quality, they undeniably showcased his extraordinary handsomeness.

RIIZE Wonbin

(Photo : https://www.pannchoa.com/2023/09/enter-talk-riize-wonbin-on-music-bank.html)

Wonbin’s retro-inspired look, complete with his signature long hair, has become a topic of adoration among fans. Many have passionately advocated for the preservation of his iconic hairstyle.

RIIZE Wonbin

(Photo : https://www.pannchoa.com/2023/09/enter-talk-riize-wonbin-on-music-bank.html)

It’s evident that SM Entertainment made a wise choice in selecting Wonbin as a trainee, as he has played a pivotal role in expanding RIIZE’s fanbase substantially. Even those who were initially skeptical or unfamiliar with the group cannot resist the charm that Wonbin exudes.

Netizens have been vocal about their excitement, and it’s clear that Wonbin’s appeal transcends boundaries within the K-Pop community.

Netizens’ comments: 

  • “Seriously handsome”
  • “Seems like SM is always thinking about their heydays during the 1st-2nd gen and is always doing those 90’s styling on their idols?? F*cking tacky, seriously”
  • “Wonbin, I love you”
  • “Wow he’s really a face genius”
  • “Seeing his personality behind the scenes too makes him so much more attractive in my eyes. He’s a great center for sure and is definitely gonna be the stan attractor of the group.”
  • “he looks effortlessly attractive but not like over the top, I hope that makes sense. He has this handsome oppa next door visual”
  • “he’s so good looking! hope he’ll stick with the middle parting hairstyle fo as long as possible.”
  • “And he is still more good-looking than any male idol he’s been compared with”

As RIIZE’s journey in the idol world continues, fans eagerly anticipate the growth and development of Wonbin and his fellow members.

In the competitive realm of K-Pop, RIIZE and Wonbin have arrived, leaving an indelible mark with their debut performance on “Music Bank.” Their future endeavors promise to be just as enthralling, captivating, and, most importantly, heartwarming for fans and netizens alike.

Meanwhile,In a recent,SM Entertainment’s newest boy group, RIIZE, made their debut on September 4, leaving fans captivated with their performances of “Get A Guitar” and “Memories.”