RIIZE Wonbin’s hair received mixed reactions yesterday.


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-His face outshines everything else.

-Please tidy up the hair a bit….

-Jesus hair. I personally don’t like it. 

-Not just anyone can pull off this hairstyle. 

-Long hair suited him well, but this seems weird with too much curl; seems like a flower boy… Putting just the right amount of curl in long hair suited him well, why did they turn him into a poodle?

-Please, I beg you, cut it.

-This is like the hair I did with a hair iron when I was in middle school.

-Why did they do that to Wonbin…

-How did it end up like that..

-He looks good with long hair, but sometimes when I see it, it’s too much ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But he’s still a rookie, so they’re trying out various things, it’s not a big deal. 

-Seems like they curled it too much.

-It’s time for a haircut.

-I feel like even his face can’t handle this…

-Wonbin is handsome, but his hair styling is meh.

-I’m not usually a fan of long hair, but I think Riize Wonbin’s long hair suits him well… I think it’s fine as long as they don’t overdo the curls.

-I liked it because it’s different and pretty… I like seeing various styles.

-I liked it because it’s unique and pretty…ㅜ I like seeing different styles on him. 

-Because of the color of that outfit, it looks even more tacky. Can’t believe he paid someone to make him look like that. 

-This is my first time seeing him. His hair looks a bit messy… I want to tidy it up.