RIIZE Wonbin’s ‘Unconventional’ Trait Goes Viral— Here’s Why

 Wonbin was introduced as a member of the K-Pop sensation RIIZE, the spotlight has been firmly fixed on him, primarily due to his striking good looks. His timeless charm sets him apart in an industry where conventional aesthetics often dominate.

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However, there’s a recent development in the online discourse surrounding Wonbin that’s capturing the hearts of fans. It’s an aspect of his appearance that’s far from the norm, and admirers are fervently hoping it remains untouched.

Wonbin’s Unconventional Appeal 

What’s drawing all this attention? It’s Wonbin’s enchanting teeth and a bunny-like smile that has become the focal point of adoration.

In the entertainment world, it’s become customary for celebrities to undergo dental procedures like veneers to attain impeccably straight, pearly-white teeth.

RIIZE Wonbin

(Photo : https://www.pannchoa.com/2023/09/enter-talk-i-wish-that-they-never-touch.html)

While this pursuit of perfection may seem tempting, it often leads to a homogenized, cookie-cutter look that erases the uniqueness and authenticity of naturally imperfect smiles.

RIIZE Wonbin

(Photo : https://m.pann.nate.com/talk/370966790?order=B)

In Wonbin’s case, his teeth aren’t flawless, and that’s precisely what fans adore about them. His smile exudes a genuine, natural charm that complements his striking visuals.

Recently, a post on an online forum ignited a discussion about Wonbin’s endearing teeth, and the response from fans has been overwhelmingly positive.

Netizens’ comments:

  • “There are a lot of set of teeth that look pretty even when they’re untouched. This is a case where they should not touch his teeth”
  • “It’s a bit unrelated but I seriously hate the look of laminated teeth. I think that it’s becoming less common these days which is good”
  • “Its a bit unrelated but I serously hate the look of laminated teeth”
  • “Hes pretty when he smiles” 
  • “His smile is so cute ,most of SM dont use veneers”

Many are championing the idea of embracing natural teeth in the entertainment industry, appreciating the distinct character they bring.

In a world where perfection is often prioritized, Wonbin’s imperfections are a breath of fresh air, and fans are rooting for his smile to remain as it is, an emblem of authenticity in an industry that often strives for flawlessness.

Meanwhile,In the ever-evolving landscape of K-Pop, the emergence of new talents is always met with anticipation and scrutiny.