RIIZE’s Live Encore For ‘Boom Boom Bass’ Criticized: ‘Weakest Vocal SM Boy Group’

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Netizens were critical of the performance.

On June 26, RIIZE secured their overall fourth music show win at MBC’s “Show Champion” with their newest comeback “Boom Boom Bass” The song is the title track from their first mini album “RIIZING,” which was released earlier on June 17.

The win was immediately celebrated by BRIIZEs on social media, as fans congratulated the group for securing their victory at the music show.


However, the performance quickly sparked a forum. In the community post titled, “RIIZE Boom Boom Bass Show Champion #1 Speech + Encore Live,” Korean netizens reacted to the boy group’s live vocals for the song.

The comments section was full of critical netters, who called out RIIZE’s singing skills for being “shaky” and how the members showed nervousness during the performance.

Though some netizens praised a few members, they pointed out how most of the group delivered a lacking stage.

  • “They’re the same as Sakura.”
  • “The moment they started I went, huh? And then in the middle, that guy just ruined the whole thing.”
  • “People swore at LE SSERAFIM for being bad, but this one is even worse.”
  • “Aside from Shotaro, they were all fine.”
  • “Why are they so nervous singing their own songs?”
  • “The rest of them weren’t that bad aside from Shotaro. You’d think that they were as bad as ILLIT, TWICE, LE SSERAFIM, and BTS singing with Charlie Puth.”
  • “Only the two guys who started were fine, but the rest were just shocking.”
  • “Yet people claim that SM has good vocals.”
  • “There’s not a single one who’s good here. The pitch was so low and their voices were all shaky.”
  • “Go practice more.”

In a separate platform, international netizens even claimed the fifth-gen K-pop act was the “weakest” vocal group by SM Entertainment standards. Others were mixed with their reactions and argued the company should give Wonbin and Sohee more lines in RIIZE’s songs.

  • “They are the weakest vocal SM boy group. The vocals here are thin, but the standards are very low nowadays.”
  • “I will say I’m kind of surprised at how weak their vocals are for an SM group.”
  • “Sohee has a lot of potential, but usually SM groups have 2 or 3 great singers to make the whole group sound good, that isn’t the case here.”
  • “For RIIZE it’s Sohee-Wonbin, but they didn’t get that many parts here.”
  • “I know other members’ fans would complain but they need to give more of the lines to Wonbin and Sohee. They are the most stable consistently.”
  • “I’m very much a BRIIZE and an SM stan. I’d say they did good? Not great not bad, just good. Shotaro definitely needs some more lessons.”
  • “Anton surprised me, honestly, I thought he’d be worse, but he was fine. He, Wonbin, and Sohee did the best. The other three were a mess, especially Shotaro.”

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