‘Rip-Offs’: Neverlands Accuse THESE Bulgarian Artists Of Plagiarizing (G)I-DLE’s ‘Super Lady’

Neverlands have accused these Bulgarian artists of copying one of the concepts from (G)I-DLE’s “Super Lady.”

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Neverlands Accuse THESE Bulgarian Artists Of Plagiarizing (G)I-DLE's 'Super Lady'
(Photo : Twitter)

Bulgarian Singers Yanita & Bilyanish Accused of Plagiarizing (G)I-DLE’s ‘Super Lady’

On April 29, Neverlands took their thoughts to online platform X (Twitter) to call out two artists, whom they accused of plagiarizing one of the scenes in (G)I-DLE’s music video for “Super Lady.”


Bulgarian singers Yanitsa and Bilyanish previously released their new music video for the song “Sipvay” on April 19.


While the duo managed to slay their performances in the video, some fans couldn’t help but notice the similarities it had with “Super Lady.”

Neverlands pointed out specifically that the music video resembled member Yuqi’s scene while dressing up as the infamous villain Cruella de Vil. They mentioned how Yanitsa also wore an identical coat fur and walked a Dalmatian dog on her side.

As if that wasn’t enough, fans also cited the similarities of the set design, which brought attention to the white environment, black carpet, runway motif, and furniture.

(G)I-DLE Yuqi Shares Honest Thoughts On Contract Expiration With Cube Entertainment

In other news, Yuqi appeared as a special guest on the YouTube show “No Back Tak” on February 1. In the episode, hosts Tak Hae Hoon and Shin Gyu Jin discussed Yuqi’s traction on Instagram, as the list contained over eight million followers.

Due to this topic, the hosts asked if Yuqi ever followed any accounts in return. The idol revealed that she doesn’t since Cube Entertainment doesn’t allow her to. This led Tak Jae Hoon to ask the singer when her exclusive contract with the company would expire.

Yuqi then responded, “There’s only one year and three months left!

This made Tak Jae Hoon tease her given how enthusiastic her reply was. The host remarked, “You’ve been counting down the days, huh?

Yuqi then tried her best to deny her excitement, but the hosts pointed out how upbeat she was when she answered the question and how genuine her smile was.

Meanwhile, host Shin Gyu Jin compared Yuqi’s status with the ones serving in the military, saying how the men in service count their days until they’re discharged. Yuqi then playfully affirmed her appreciation for her agency while flaunting a heart, “No, I love Cube!

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