Rising Actor Said He Started Acting Just To Meet Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

In 2022, Kang Hoon appeared on MBC’s hit show “Radio Star,” in which he shared the reason why he debuted. Surprisingly, Kang Hoon said, “I was thinking about how I could meet Girls’ Generation. Then I thought to myself, couldn’t I act? That’s how I began wanting to be an actor.”

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kang hoon

When asked who his bias was, Kang Hoon revealed, “Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon. She was the first and last idol that I’ve ever liked. I’ve never met her yet. I have a lot of CDs signed by her and I even have her name tag. I want to be a guest on Amazing Saturday and tell her that she helped me become an actor.”

kang hoon-taeyeon

Kang Hoon even sent a video message to his idol on the show. He said, “Because you were there during my younger days, I was able to work hard and become an actor. I want to say thank you. I have your CDs at home, and I hope you’ll sign them whenever I meet you. My love for you was like fire… Nevermind…”

This episode of “Radio Star” recently went viral on the Korean online community theqoo after a netizen made a post about it. The post has gathered approximately 50,000 views after just a few hours. In the comment section, Korean netizens are leaving countless comments complementing Kang Hoon for his cuteness.