Rising Star Yoon Chan Young To Join Park Eun Bin In New Series ‘Hyper Knife’ — More Details Inside!

Rising actor Yoon Chan Young lands a new acting project this 2024, much to the fans’ excitement. He’s set to join Park Eun Bin in the brand new series “Hyper Knife.”

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The drama is among the most anticipated works of the year, and Yoon Chan Young’s addition, which the new generation loves, intensifies the atmosphere. Read on to know more.

Yoon Chan Young To Star In New Medical K-drama This 2024

On March 8, news outlets reported that young actor Yoon Chan Young has been cast to appear in the upcoming medical series “Hyper Knife.”

Yoon Chan Young
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The work stars veteran actors Park Eun Bin and Sol Kyung Gyu, and it follows the story of a psychopathic doctor who reunites with her professor who caused her downfall after being framed of murder.

Park Eun Bin portrays Jung Se Ok, a medical genius who loses her license due to a crime she allegedly committed while Sol Kyung Gu plays Choi Deok Hee, the reason behind the former’s tragic career.

Park Eun Bin
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At the moment, Yoon Chan Young is deliberating whether he will take on the role of not. If he accepts the offer, he will give life to Seo Young Joo, Jung Se Ok’s bodyguard who saves her life.

Although he knows she is a murderer, he firmly believes that she’s a doctor who saves people’s lives. Yoon Chan Young is expected to deliver mature acting should he accept the offer.

Sol Kyung Gu
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Furthermore, “Hyper Knife” begins filming as soon as the production team finalizes its casting lineup. It’s expected to be released within the year so stay tuned for more updates.

Here’s Where To See More of Yoon Chan Young

This 2024, Yoon Chan Young returns to the brown screens as a gangster who transforms into a high schooler in the brand new series “I, A Gangster, Became A High School Student.”

It’s a fantasy drama that also stars Bong Jae Hyun and Lee Seo Jin, and it focuses on the story of a mysterious entity who takes over the body of a young student to continue his mission in life.

All of Us Are Dead Yoon Chan Young
All of Us Are Dead Yoon Chan Young
(Photo : Yoon Chan Young Official Instagram)

The series airs in the first half of 2024 through Wavve. In addition, Yoon Chan Young also reprises his role in the second installment of the smash hit Netflix series “All of Us Are Dead.”