Rocking Doll Roa’s Tearful Reaction to BTS Performance Goes Viral — Here’s Why

During the showcase event for Roa’s third solo single, ‘Skip Out,’ held on September 20th, Roa, a member of the popular group Rocking Doll, shared the touching story of her journey from shedding tears at a BTS concert to nurturing her dream of becoming a K-pop singer.

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Roa’s Artistic Prowess

Recalling the pivotal moment, Roa stated, “I attended a BTS concert and was deeply moved when I witnessed their ‘I Need U’ stage performance. That’s when I began to dream of becoming a K-pop singer.”

‘Skip Out,’ Roa’s latest release, is a hip-hop dance genre song characterized by its dark and grand vibes, featuring a vibrant sound that leaves a lasting impression. The track seamlessly combines trendy beats and rhythmic melodies with Roa’s impeccable diction and dynamic rap skills.

Rocking Doll Roa

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Within the song’s lyrical content, Roa masterfully conveys her resolute commitment to progress and her conscious decision to leave the past behind.

What sets this musical narrative apart is Roa’s poised portrayal of severing ties with a deceptive partner, who had been ensnared in a web of lies and unending excuses. Enhanced by her powerful and impassioned vocals, this lyrical journey generates an electrifying and emotionally charged listening experience for her audience. 

Roa, now in her role as the second solo artist within the Rocking Doll group, maintains a trajectory of musical innovation and courage.

Building upon her past successes with notable tracks such as ‘Signal’ and ‘Truth or Dare,’ Roa embarks on a new musical journey with ‘Skip Out.’ Her goal is to demonstrate the breadth of her musical talents and deliver yet another performance that leaves a significant mark on the industry. 

‘Skip Out’ is set to make its debut on multiple online music platforms, becoming available for streaming at 6 PM KST on September 20th.

This eagerly awaited release extends a warm invitation to Roa’s fans and music enthusiasts alike, encouraging them to fully engage and immerse themselves in her latest musical undertaking. 

Meanwhile,X:IN, the girl group under Escrow Entertainment, is set to undergo member changes as the agency announced the departure of Roa and the addition of two new members.