Rookie female idol who will graduate from elementary school today (Feb 7th)

On the morning of Feb 7th, Lim Seo-won will attend the graduation ceremony at Garak Elementary School in Songpa-gu, Seoul, decorating the last memories of her elementary school days.

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In 2020, as a 3rd grader, Lim Seo-won gained recognition through “Miss Trot 2” and made her official debut in the music industry the following year. She has been actively engaged in various activities, including broadcasting and musicals. Despite her busy entertainment schedule, she has been diligent in her school life.

lim seo won

In particular, on the graduation day, members of UNIS, including Jin Hyeon-ju, Gehlee Dangca, Bang Yun-ha, Elisia and Oh Yoon-a, who were selected through SBS’s girl group survival audition program “Universe Ticket” and are scheduled to debut under F&F Entertainment, will attend the ceremony.

Although they have not yet officially debuted, they are expected to gather to show UNIS’s strong bond and add to the joy of fans by celebrating the graduation of the youngest member Lim Seo-won.

Universe Ticket

Born in January 2011, Lim Seo-won, at just 13 years old, has attracted attention as the youngest idol in the music industry. Lim Seo-won, who has shown potential as an idol by showcasing not only perfected visuals but also versatile talent and charm from an early age, raised expectations for her future endeavors with outstanding vocal and dance skills during the “Universe Ticket” survival process.

UNIS, recognized for their talents in various fields and supported by a global fandom, is attracting attention for their upcoming official debut in the first half of this year.

Source: Daum