Rowoon conveys feelings about leaving SF9 in handwritten letter “Please keep an eye on me”

Singer-actor Rowoon expressed his feelings about finishing activities with SF9

On Sep 18th, Rowoon left a handwritten letter titled “This is Rowoon” on SF9’s official fancafe.

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Rowoon, who has been criticized by fans for neglecting group activities since he began acting in earnest, said, “There was a frustration that I couldn’t explain each and every misunderstanding. It was a time when I focused on what I had to do right away, thinking that sincerity would be conveyed one day.”

He apologized, “I understand that I may also be hated as much as I receive attention and support, but I guess I’m a little soft-hearted. Sometimes I need the courage to say ‘It’s not true’ when there are misunderstandings, but those were the days when I was always busy hiding. I’m really sorry if there are any fans who felt hurt and disappointed by my complacent attitude.”

He continued, “If you felt unfamiliar with my appearance, which was different from before, you’d also have felt disappointed because I hid myself.”


Rowoon, who turned 27 this year, emphasized, “I’m trying to take on a new challenge. Please keep an eye on me so that 27-year-old Kim Seok Woo can live a responsible life. I’ll be the same as you remember.”

According to the agency FNC Entertainment, all SF9 members renewed their contracts. However, the team will be reorganized into an 8-member system excluding Rowoon. Rowoon plans to focus on his personal activities, including acting.

Source: Daum