Rowoon & Jo Bo Ah’s ‘Destined With You’ Gains Popularity Among International Viewers

The newest K-drama “Destined With You” starring Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah is receiving recognition abroad making it among the top most-watched on Netflix. 

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‘Destined With You’ Starts to Gain More Viewers in Korea & Abroad

JTBC’s fantasy-romance series “Destined With You” follows the story of Jang Shin Yu (Rowoon), who is trapped in a curse, and Lee Hong Jo (Jo Bo Ah), a righteous civil servant who is the key to his freedom.

Destined With You

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Jo Bo Ah, Rowoon

Lee Hong Jo accidentally obtains the forbidden book that was sealed 300 years ago, and Jang Shin Yu is tasked to return the book to her as she is the rightful owner of it according to shaman Eun Wol (Kim Hye Ok). 

However, things got complicated for both as the love potion made by Lee Hong Jo for her crush, Kwon Jae Kyung (Ha Joon), accidentally drunk by Jang Shin Yu, which made him madly in love with her. 

As they navigate on how to cure the spell, love sparks between Jang Shin Yu and Lee Hong Jo. 

With the progressing narrative of the series, viewers become more hooked on the story, characters, and the interesting chemistry of its lead stars. 

Rowoon & Jo Bo Ah Make Waves Abroad With ‘Destined With You’ 

“Destined With You” faced tough competition in the domestic market with top actors and actresses appearing in series such as “Moving” and “Mask Girl.” However, it started to gain international success thanks to its compelling story and simultaneous release of episodes on Netflix, which is now building a global fan base. 

Destined With You Still

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Since it debuted on August 23, the romance drama has consistently ranked in the top 10 in Netflix’s Top Show category. According to OTT ranking site FlixPatrol, “Destined With You” ranked 7th on September 10.

Adding to its ongoing success, the series occupied the third spot in Netflix’s “Global Top 10” for the non-English TV show category. It has been said that the counting of viewers hours for this result happened from August 28 to September 3. 

Destined With You Still

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International viewers are increasing as they get interested in Rowoon’s comedic transformation and Jo Bo Ah’s charming appeal. In particular, Rowoon’s character, Jang Shin Yu confessed to Lee Hong Jo humorously and ridiculously, leading to chaotic yet comical situations that audiences enjoy. 

Their performances also garnered positive responses from the viewers. 

Destined With You Still

(Photo : JTBC Official Instagram)

According to a report, the ongoing success sparked interest among domestic viewers, which became an opportunity to increase the drama’s recognition. K-netz shared their sentiments saying that they began watching the romance series out of curiosity and due to its popularity abroad.

Furthermore, catch Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah every Wednesday and Thursday on Netflix at 10:30 p.m. (KST).

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