Rowoon Kicked Out? FNC Announces SF9 To Start Afresh As 8-Member Group

FNC Entertainment has officially announced that Rowoon will no longer be a part of SF9 as the group prepares to embark on a new chapter as an eight-member ensemble.

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The decision marks a significant change in SF9’s dynamic and highlights Rowoon’s flourishing career in the world of acting.

Rowoon’s Departure: SF9 to Rebrand as 8-Member Group While He Pursues Acting Career

FNC Entertainment dropped a bombshell announcement that has sent shockwaves through the K-Pop industry and among Fantasy, SF9’s devoted fanbase.


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After seven years of being together, SF9 will be continuing their musical journey without Rowoon, who will shift his focus towards his acting career and other personal endeavors.

The news was shared with fans worldwide via SF9’s official fancafe, where FNC Entertainment expressed gratitude for the group’s achievements and acknowledged their commitment throughout the years.

The statement read:

“Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

This is an announcement regarding SF9’s activities.

SF9 debuted in 2016 and has been an artist for us for seven years. Their first contracts expired on September 18.

SF9 plans to make another leap forward as artists as an eight member group, excluding Rowoon. The members have renewed their contracts with the company.

Rowoon will focus on his acting and other personal activities.

Rowoon will always remain the ninth member of SF9 and the rest of the members will support each other and do their best in their own ways so that they can show a good performance to the fans.

Please give both SF9 and Rowoon lots of support and interest.

Thank you.”

— FNC Entertainment

Rowoon, who made his acting debut in 2017 through the popular drama “School 2017,” has rapidly risen as a sought-after idol-actor in the Korean entertainment industry.

His impressive portfolio includes remarkable performances in dramas like “About Time,” “Extraordinary You,” “The King’s Affection,” “Tomorrow,” and “Destined With You.”

Fans can anticipate his upcoming drama, “The Wedding Battle,” scheduled to premiere on October 30, further solidifying his position as a prominent actor.

FNC Entertainment Affirms Rowoon as Eternal Ninth Member of SF9 Amidst Departure from Musical Pursuits

Despite Rowoon’s departure from the group’s musical pursuits, FNC Entertainment reassured fans that he will forever remain the ninth member of SF9.


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SF9’s agency emphasizes that the remaining members will continue to support each other and strive for excellence in their respective endeavors.

The agency encouraged fans to offer unwavering support and interest to both SF9 and Rowoon as they embark on their individual paths.

The decision to part ways with one of its members will undoubtedly be met with mixed emotions from fans.

However, SF9’s determination to thrive as an eight-member group and Rowoon’s flourishing acting career promise exciting chapters for both the group and the talented actor.

As SF9 undergoes a lineup overhaul, fans eagerly await their musical journey, while Rowoon’s rising acting career garners attention

The entertainment world is sure to keep a close eye on these developments as SF9 and Rowoon embark on their separate yet promising journeys.