Rowoon leaves SF9 to pursue acting full time

Article: Rowoon leaves lengthy message on fancafe about leaving SF9

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Source: Insight via Instagram

[+182] He does match the career path of an actor much more, though

[+139] Whatever path he chooses, I just want him to be dedicated and happy in it. People with a passion for acting should choose that path, and people with a passion should choose that path. I really enjoyed ‘Tear Drop,’ though ^^

[+139] I will now remember you as actor Kim Seok Woo

[+29] I support him. I’ve been enjoying his drama a lot lately, I wish him more success 👏👏

[+23] His acting’s too good 👏

[+8] I support his decision

[+9] It’s best that everyone chooses the path that they are best at! ㅎㅎ

[+10] I thought he was already an actor? Because he seems to fit that path much better…!!!! He just looks like an actor, doesn’t he?

[+7] I support you

[+8] Yeah, he is pretty good at acting..

[+6] Not like these group things last forever, it’s best that people do what’s best for their own careers to last as long as they can in this industry

[+3] If we’re being honest, he’s probably making more money as an actor than as an SF9 member, no need for such a long-winded explanation

[+1] I had no idea he was a singer at all ㅠ

[+-] Wait, he’s an idol??