Rowoon Sets Internet on Fire With Latest Sultry Magazine Pictorial

Rowoon flaunted his abs in his new magazine photoshoot, making him a hot topic all over the internet.  

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Rowoon’s Sizzling Abs Become Hot Topic Online

While enchanting the viewers with his acting and charms in his comeback drama “Destined With You” and a cameo in Netflix’s “A Time Called You,” Rowoon didn’t miss the chance to captivate the public with his latest magazine shoot.


(Photo : JTBC Official Instagram)

It is safe to say that Rowoon is one of the hottest idol and K-drama leading men today as he rocks the small screen with his back-to-back series.

This highly sought-after man made his way on the cover of AnOther Magazine for the Autumn/Winter issue.


(Photo : AnOther Magazine)

Rowoon exhibited a masculine aura. International photographer Collier Schorr captured the Korean star for the feature with a creative virtual shoot.


(Photo : AnOther Magazine)

Aside from mesmerizing with his visuals, he showcased a variety of angles and outfits that highlighted his strong fashion sense.

Despite the number of photos released, there was one particular sexy snap that stood out as Rowoon exposed his chiseled abs.

Naturally, this picture of him sent the internet into frenzy as fans were surprised with his sultry photoshoot.

AnOther Sums Up Rowoon’s Career Portfolio

Apart from the photos, the magazine revealed more of Rowoon’s career journey in the Korean entertainment industry.

Through the interview conducted by Taylor Glasby, the magazine proudly summed up the heartthrob’s portfolio as an idol-actor.


(Photo : AnOther Magazine)

Chops from the description that the magazine published about Rowoon described him as a multi-award-winning South Korean actor and a charismatic K-pop star. He is also described as “perfect boyfriend material” by fans and media.

The 28-year-old star is renowned for his legion of dedicated followers who watch his live performances with SF9 members and support his acting projects. He also won trophies for his outstanding performances.

Rowoon Dominates Small Screen With His Successful K-Dramas

Some of his popular dramas are “Extraordinary You,” “The King’s Affection,” and “Tomorrow.”

Adding to the list is his ongoing series “Destined With You,” where he transformed into a genius lawyer, Jang Shin Yu, who was cursed under a spell. He shares the frame with Jo Bo Ah, who is also known in the field.

Destined With You Still

(Photo : JTBC Official Instagram)

As the story progresses, the drama also consistently garners attention from the international audience. In fact, “Destined With You” is one of the top most-watched shows on Netflix. With the ongoing recognition that the series is receiving, expectations for the actors and the drama increase.

Rowoon will meet the viewers again with another series, “Wedding Battle,” which is tentatively to be released in October.

Indeed 2023 is a busy year for the idol-actor, who continues to grace the stage and the screen and showcase the variety of skills he has as an artist.

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