Rumors circulate of Seo In Young’s husband filing for divorce seven months after wedding

Article: “Seo In Young’s husband has filed for divorce” seven months after marriage… even Seo In Young didn’t know

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Source: Seoul News via Naver

[+736, -2] It’s more scary that she didn’t know

[+339, -12] I mean, we all knew they’d end up divorced, but this is sooner than I thought

[+195, -6] We figured. We all know what her personality’s like. When the wedding news first broke out, everyone was more curious to see who the sad husband-to-be was.

[+157, -6] Their wedding looked like she spent a ton on floral arrangements… what a waste

[+92, -0] The fact that she got married at all was a big surprise, but her divorce, not so much.. ㅠㅠ

[+55, -3] Imagine how badly he wanted to divorce her that he took it to the media before her… He knew that she wasn’t the type to just let him off easy so he probably came up with a plan ㅋㅋ

[+48, -2] Seo In Young said, “Recently, my husband has been mentioning the differences in our personalities, how they clash, but has never directly asked to break up or discussed filing for divorce. I have no intention of divorcing my husband. Nothing bad has ever happened between us.” Is she carzy? What does all this mean? ㅋㅋ

[+46, -9] I’m more surprised that he was able to last nine months with a personality like hers.. he’s got a strong mental

[+36, -0] While she’s claiming she doesn’t intend to divorce him, her husband is so~~~~~ desperate to get out that he took it to the media first because he knows she’s not going to sign the papers that easily

Source: Naver

[+1,308, -59] He was crazy to begin with to think of marrying her at all

[+394, -10] Divorce or not, I find it amazing that he’s been able to live with her at all

[+318, -15] So aside from Park Jung Ah, all of the Jewelry members have ended in divorce… (Park Jung Ah, Seo In Young, Lee Ji Hyun, Jo Min Ah)

[+312, -15] Seven months… I’d say he lasted longer than I thought

[+104, -0] What a waste of money on that wedding~~ I heard she spent close to 100 million won on flowers alone~

[+104, -3] Her husband’s a ’73er entrepreneur which means he’s probably quick with reading people and scanning situations considering what his job entails and yet he still couldn’t survive a year with her ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

[+93, -1] Their marriage news alone was a surprise… I’m sure everyone around her but herself figured a divorce was impending… 

[+82, -2] The man’s a fool for even going through with the marriage. Anyone can tell that you just don’t marry these kinds of personalities.

[+79, -1] He was actually being kind to her when he told her about their “personality differences” because I doubt there’s a man in this world who could live with her nasty attitude. Seven months is already quite long. Stop ruining the lives of others and just stay single, Seo In Young.