Rumors of Lisa’s casting talks for ‘The Walking Dead’

Article: Black Pink Lisa, is she making a Hollywood advancement… in talks for ‘The Walking Dead’ new season casting

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Source: Insight via Instagram

[+295] A singer shines brightest when on stage

[+81] She’s the most popular member of Black Pink but only in Korea does she get put down because she’s South East Asian

– [+71] Who’s putting who down?

– [+19] You’re wrong, because there are a lot of South East Asian members like Hani, Minni, BamBam, Nichkhun, etc who are not only the mains of their group but popular here too. By your logic, the Korean members in these groups aren’t as popular in Thailand, so does that mean Thailand is putting down East Asians? 😂

– [+6] Don’t drag Koreans into this, you mean other fandoms who are jealous of Black Pink doing well? 

– [+4] She’s the most popular in BP..??? First time hearing about this

– [+0] ^ Internationally, Jennie and Lisa are on the same level

[+16] Wait, ‘The Walking Dead’ isn’t over yet?

[+91] Please don’t get into acting as an idol unless you’re going to be as good as MBLAQ’s Lee Joon or ZE:A’s Im Siwan..

[+4] I haven’t watched this show since that one guy died

[+7] I can’t wait

[+8] Wow!!! 🔥

[+4] So bored of ‘The Walking Dead’ now

[+10] I like Lisa

[+4] For some reason, I’m getting hyped…? ㅎㅎㅎ