Rundown: IVE, H1-KEY, Weeekly, CIX, Super Junior L.S.S., Kim Jae Hwan, Ash-B, more

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Well, I used the most bombastic featured image possible for this Rundown, though the name will surely be IVE.

Not a ton that was borderline this time around, honestly.


H1-KEY – “Thinkin’ About You”

A worthy vocal showcase but not a ton else to it, and I already knew they could sing.


IVE (Feat. Saweetie) – “All Night”

An unnecessary remake of Icona Pop’s “All Night”, and even if I felt like softening the hook improved things, I don’t get the vocal production choices.


CATtRIEVER – “Sunflower”

If every idol couple that’s revealed (Mimi and Thunder) has to release a collab song like this as a result, then I’m no longer in favor of being able to publicly date.


Super Junior L.S.S. – “Suit Up”

All I can think about when I see Siwon now is whether the Ronald Reagan full wall mural he undoubtedly has somewhere in his house would be approving or not. Gonna go with “not” for this, as Reagan knew his entertainment industry, after all.



All jokes about me missing their former name aside, I really like the chorus instrumental but they don’t really do anything with it, which seems like a problem in general nowadays.


I.M (MONSTA X) (Feat. Heize) – “Slowly”

Probably more what I expected Seola’s solo debut was gonna be like.


Ash-B -“Wish”

Wouldn’t say it’s anything special, but if Hyuna (pre-mess) or like (G)I-DLE released this, I’m sure it would be better received.

Well, there’s this at least.


Kim Jae Hwan – “Ponytail”

Fine pop song, but liked it better when I thought it was a dedication to golden showers.


CIX – “Lovers Or Enemies”

I actually love the funky groove a lot, but I feel like it’s also a victim of the softer trends whereas it would’ve popped with something as dynamic as the elements hint at. They did “Cinema” after all, so I know it’s in there.


POW – “Valentine”

The elements are quite nice, and while it doesn’t pop, I’ve learned to recognize this is the kind of chorus that could grow on you if you hear the hook enough.


Weeekly – “Stranger”

The interview they gave me is great!