“Running Man” airs BTS V’s episode 5 minutes longer & introduces Detective V transformation

BTS V will transform into a lovely detective on SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man”

On September 10th, SBS said, “The broadcast of ‘Running Man’ scheduled for today (Sep 10th) will be specifically expanded. BTS V will be reborn as Detective V”.

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bts v running man

In fact, V has often expressed his affection for “Running Man” as a big fan of the program by leaving comments such as “I had a dream of appearing on ‘Running Man’”, “Please invite me to ‘Running Man’. I want to try some caramel in the card game”, etc.

  running man

Therefore, “Running Man” reportedly prepared a mysterious game customized for V. In this game, the members will take on different roles, such as farmers and thieves, and go on an expedition while hiding their identities. There will be a high-level psychological war leading to either failure or success of the mission. During the recording, the members couldn’t hide their excitement and tension upon hearing the rules the members. They reacted, “My heart is beating fast because of this new game”, “We’ll figure it out when playing the game”, etc.

As the mission began, V switched to investigation mode and began to watch the members. He commented, “Someone is touching the water right now”, “I can feel it without them saying any words”, etc., as he was too immersed in the game.

bts v running man

The members exclaimed, “V is watching us”, “He’s very good at observing”, etc., praising Detective V. Later, it is said that there was a twist in which V became the target of an intense investigation by the members. Viewers can find out how the investigation unfolds in the main episode. 

SBS added, “‘Running Man’ will air five minutes earlier than usual. This week’s broadcast will start at 6:10 p.m.”

Source: Daum