Ryeowook bites back at abusive fan comment

Article: Ryeowook fights back at hate comment putting him down “celebrities are human too”

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Source: OSEN via Nate

[+48, -14] I understand feeling angry over such comments but celebrities have to realize that they’re paid according to how many mouths their names are spoken by

[+22, -0] Why bother fighting? Just ignore them

[+18, -5] Didn’t know he was like this. I wonder how he kept quiet all this time? I don’t get why celebrities bother getting triggered over any comment about them

[+6, -0] If I were a celebrity, I wouldn’t bother checking every single comment about myself ㅋㅋ why stress yourself out like that? Just ignore and move on;; no point in reacting to every single one and fighting them;;

[+4, -1] Haters love getting attention like this back. Best to just ignore or sue them if they get out of hand.

[+0, -0] He seems to be in the same category as Han So Hee and BoA

[+0, -0] Leeteuk’s going to cry again, sigh🤦

[+0, -0] You have to also think that there must’ve also been that many fans who thought they could just be abusive towards him like this, and he held it all this time just to blow up now… Find strength, Ryeowook. Though I do think it would’ve been better to handle this by ignoring them.