Ryu Da In Dating 2024: Here’s Why ‘Pyramid Game’ Star Decided To Reveal Romance With Lee Chae Min

Among the K-drama several couples that confirmed their relationships this 2024, Ryu Da In’s announcement of her relationship with Lee Chae Min left a huge impression on the viewers.

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Ryu Da In and Lee Chae Min are two of the many rising stars in the Hallyu industry, and announcing their romance could have made or ruined their careers.

Here’s why Ryu Da In chose to reveal her relationship with the actor, and how it affected her acting career. 

Ryu Da In Dishes On Romantic Tryst With Lee Chae Min

In March, Ryu Da In stole the spotlight for her performance as a school violence victim in the mega hit psychological thriller drama “Pyramid Game.”

Ryu Da In
(Photo : TVING Official)

However, what dominated the Hallyu scene was her revelation of her romantic tryst with Lee Chae Min. The two actors, who were both born in 2000, confirmed their relationship last month.

They met on the set of the Netflix series “Crash Course In Romance” which aired in 2023, and eventually developed mutual feelings for one another.

Ryu Da In, Lee Chae Min
(Photo : Lee Chae Min Instagram)

In a previous interview, Ryu Da In revealed that she didn’t feel the pressure to admit her relationship as an actress. However, she felt extremely happy after her  relationship was publicized.

“I’m not a secretive person but I didn’t expect a lot of people would be interested in my romantic life,” the actress said. “I’m very thankful to everyone who supported us.”

Ryu Da In, Lee Chae Min
(Photo : Ryu Da In Official Instagram)

As for her dating principle, Ryu Da In gave emphasis that her personal life must not overlap with her professional life, which she prioritizes more over anything else.

On the other hand, the actress also shared that Lee Chae Min is very supportive of her, especially with her breakthrough performance in TVING’s “Pyramid Game.”

Here’s Why ‘Pyramid Game’ Is Ryu Da In’s Turning Point In Career

Although she’s still cementing her name in the acting scene, Ryu Da In has already proven that she’s a rising star that fans should look out for in the entertainment scene.

Ryu Da In
(Photo : Ryu Da In Official Instagram)

The actress’ impressive performance in “Pyramid Game” earned her a huge following from both the domestic and international scenes. Because of this, she felt grateful for the production.

“The drama changed the course of my career,” Ryu Da In shared. “I will be forever thankful to everyone who believed in me as Myung Ja Eun.”

‘Pyramid Game’ Stills
WJSN Bona, Ryu Da In
(Photo : TVING Official)

In an interview, Ryu Da In revealed that she exerted huge efforts like losing weight and changing her hair color in synchronizing with her role.

Make sure to watch all 10 episodes of “Pyramid Game” on TVING and Paramount+ in case you missed it.