Ryu Da In Reacts To Students Copying ‘Pyramid Game’ In Real Life: ‘It’s Disappointing’

Ryu Da In shared her affection for her recently concluded K-drama “Pyramid Game” in an interview with Sports Chosun.

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She got candid about her honest thoughts on her acting role. In addition to that, the rising star also spoke about the controversy circulating online that involved the thriller series. Here’s what Ryu Da In said. Keep on reading.

Ryu Da In Shares Affection For ‘Pyramid Game’

Following its conclusion, Ryu Da In bared her heart out and shared her honest feelings for her psychological thriller series “Pyramid Game.”

Ryu Da In
(Photo : TVING Official)

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, the series depicts the students’ strange voting game which determines the student who will be the newest target of school violence.

In the work, Ryu Da In portrayed Myung Ja Eun, a bullying target who teams up with WJSN Bona’s Sung Su Ji in destroying the Pyramid Game created by Jang Da Ah’s Baek Ha Rin.

'Pyramid Game' Stills
Ryu Da In
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Despite being a rookie, she was able to cement her name as a rising star that fans should look out for in the Hallyu scene. According to her, “Pyramid Game” is the “turning point” of her career.

“While “Crash Course In Romance” was the huge work that made me known to the public, “Pyramid Game” gave me a sense of responsibility that reminded me why I began acting,” Ryu Da In reasoned.

To recall, she starred in “Crash Course In Romance” last year, where she received rave reviews and a huge following. She even met her boyfriend Lee Chae Min through the series.

Ryu Da In, Lee Chae Min
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“I related a lot to Myung Ja Eun,” Ryu Da In added, thanking everyone who loved her performance in the series.

Have you seen “Pyramid Game” yet? Check it out now on TVING and Paramount+!

Ryu Da In Expresses Disappointment Over K-drama Controversy

In the same interview, Ryu Da In revealed how she would handle school violence in school. According to her, she wouldn’t have endured it and just transferred schools.

Ryu Da In
(Photo : Ryu Da In Official Instagram)

“I have friends who were actually school violence victims so it hurt a lot acting as Myung Ja Eun,” the actress shared. “If it were me, I would have transferred. There’s no reason to stay.”

When Ryu Da In learned that many middle schools thought that the “Pyramid Game” aimed to perpetuate bullying, she felt “betrayed and saddened.”

Home communication letter to prevent the spread of school violence disguised as play in 'Pyramid Game'
(Photo : Sports Chosun)

“The story focuses on the unfairness of the authorities in school and adults’ indifference in order to destroy the concept of bullying inside a small society like the classroom,” Ryu Da In said.

She said that the real world is “much crueler” and that neither the actors nor the production team expected the public to take the series as a tool in perpetuating such actions.