S.E.S Bada cries upon mentioning discord with controversial member Shoo, “I’m getting distanced from her”

S.E.S Bada made a heartfelt confession about Shoo on a recent live broadcast

Bada recently hosted a live broadcast and shed tears when talking about S.E.S member Shoo, causing fans to worry.

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Bada confessed, “I feel like I’m estranged from Shoo”, referring to Shoo’s past controversies. During the livestream, she shed tears while sharing advice for Shoo. She said, “Shoo, we need to deal with it together. I can’t only say bitter things now. Look around to see whether there’s someone who really cares for you. Those who please your ears with good words? They are drifting you away without you realizing it. You might disappear one day..”

Bada also explained why she advised Shoo not to wear tank tops after the scandal, saying “But Shoo wanted to show how hard she was working on her body. I was worried that some people might misunderstand that Shoo had not learned her lesson so I did a little bit of nagging. Maybe Shoo didn’t like to hear such things”. She added, “I wanted to show everyone the appearance of Shoo that I know, not just her beautiful image during S.E.S days. I guess I got distanced from her because I said so many bitter words.”

She burst into tears after saying, “I really want to sing S.E.S songs. To do that, I have always been next to you and supported you. I hope you will find yourself back before it’s too late and come back. Only until then can you sing S.E.S song again”

She shared, “The reason I can’t answer your texts or calls is that I don’t want to hurt you with bitter words again. But that’s the truth. People who are saying sweet things to you, I think they are all telling lies. Please get a hold of yourself”, adding “It’s irresponsible to be immature at this age. You have to take responsibility to regain yourself. I believe that you can do it.”

Lastly, Bada said, “I suddenly had such a deep conversation. Please don’t give up on Shoo. Please support her and pray for her. I hope I can be an older sister who no longer nags Shoo. Eugene ah, Sooyoung (Shoo’s real name) ah. Let’s meet again on stage before we die”.

Earlier, Shoo was sentenced to six months in prison and two years of probation on charges of habitual gambling a total of 700 million won abroad from August 2016 to May 2018. After spending a long hiatus for self-reflection, she returned as a BJ but once again sparked controversy over doing broadcasts in revealing clothes.

Source: Wikitree