Sad News for SF9 Fans as Rowoon Might Leave the Band, Here’s Why He’s Quitting His Group

In the latest news surrounding the ’96 liner K-pop idol and actor, Rowoon and FNC Entertainment have released a statement addressing his departure from SF9. On September 18, 2023, this announcement came as a shocking plot twist to the fans of the group, also known as Fantasy, when the label revealed the boy group’s future with it.

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Lately, a lot of speculations around K-pop contract renewals and cancellations have been going around, with some veteran artists even setting up their new ventures instead of continuing with their former labels. The same fever of change and new developments has also caught on to the Destined With You actor, who’s lately been giving his full attention to his acting career. As of September 18, 2023, his boy group’s first contract with FNC has terminated, and while the other members of the originally 9-member group have already renewed their contracts with the company, Rowoon has decided to take on a new journey on his own.

Rowoon and Jo Bo-ah in Destined With You BTS
(On the set of Destined With You Kdrama)

Fans may ask as to why this switch has taken place, and it may not necessarily be an out of the blue change for some as many Fantasy-s had already taken this picture into account. Presently starring with Jo Bo-ah on the JTBC fantasy drama series Destined With You, the ’96 liner has been paying grave attention and investing most of the time flourishing his oeuvre on the acting front. Many fans had previously, from time to time, expressed their concerns about his absence from some group activities owing to the same reason.

And though they’ve always supported his choices, it has still come as a blow to them now that things have been set in stone with the official statement being released from FNC’s side. The label has clearly and succinctly added that he will be concentrating on acting and other personal activities so his singing career may not have been put to the side just yet. There’s still a hope that he may partake in solo projects in the same domain, but as of now acting seems to be at top of his priority list.

While he may have left the group, FNC has still asserted that he will always remain the 9th member of the group, the remaining 8 SF9 members – Youngbin, Inseong, Jaeyoon, Dawon, Zuho, Yoo Taeyang, Hwiyoung and Chani – and Rowoon part ways with the promise to support each other and put on great performances for their fans.

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Rowoon also recently made a surprise appearance in the fantasy K-drama series A Time Called You opposite Ahn Hyo-seop, with both of their characters supposedly being entangled in a BL love track. This cameo had left his fans pleasantly astounded for him having switched lanes from the usual mainstream heteronormative narratives. The ex-SF9-member has also shared a hand-written letter speaking of his departure from the group, while simultaneously reiterating the same sentiments as expressed through the FNC statement.

We wish both SF9 and Rowoon the best for their future endeavours.

Check Out FNC’s Statement Addressing Rowoon’s Departure From the Group

If you’re interested in more of Rowoon’s acting performances, you can check out his following K-drama – Extraordinary You, She Would Never Know, Tomorrow, The Wedding Battle, The King’s Affection, and School 2017 to name a few.

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