Sakura says in her Thanks To, “If I were lucky, would I have had to worked this hard?”

The theme of this album is ‘EASY,’ right? I feel like I’m the person who fits this word the leastㅎㅎ. It seems like I’ve walked a really tough path.

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I’ve heard someone say before, “Miyawaki Sakura is someone who seized every opportunity that came her way by luck.” When I hear that, I don’t feel any special emotions, just more like, “I see… So, that’s how people sees me.” But when I look back, I’ve never felt like I’ve been lucky in my life (not that I want to say I’ve been unlucky…ㅎㅎ). If I were lucky, would I have had to work this hard? Would I even be who I am now?

Because it wasn’t easy and I’ve come through so much hardship, I could become the person I am today, and I’ve learned to believe in and love myself.

“I’ve never felt like I’ve been lucky in life.”

But she is someone who started her career as the center with in A in Produce 48.

-If it’s not luck that’s kept you at the top with that skill, then what is it?

-Honestly, her being a center during the 48 era wasn’t necessarily because of her skill…

-I don’t particularly like Sakura, but I feel like people criticize her whenever they’re bored. 

-She’s been getting a lot of attention since Produce 48 era, her luck has been amazing. Even back then, the producers adored her and pushed her hard. She’s been incredibly lucky.

-Her luck has been really good since Produce 48 eraㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Change your perspective. You’re on the very lucky side~^^

-It’s so creepy how she constantly pities herself.

-Honestly, she’s probably responsible for half the group’s criticism.

-Every opportunity that came her way was big…

-IZ*ONE is all about luckㅋㅋㅋㅋ Does she not even consider the feelings of the real victims?

-I get that she made a lot of effort, but isn’t she also incredibly lucky?

-Compared to her actual skill, she seems incredibly lucky.