Sandara Park Reveals 2NE1 Days Brought Her Higher Earning Than Solo Career

Former 2NE1 member and singer Sandara Park has honestly revealed details about her income

On the November 17th broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s ‘Cultwo Show’ in the ‘Don’t Do It!’ segment, Sandara Park and Navi appeared as guests.

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The commonality between Sandara Park and Navi was that both had been part of 4-member girl groups. Sandara Park was part of 2NE1, while Navi was active in WSG Wannabe Sapphire.

Sandara Park

When asked how it felt to transition from solo to group activities, Navi replied, “It was great. (To Sandara Park) Haven’t you tried solo activities? Singing a song alone from start to finish is not easy. When four members take turns singing, it gives determination, and there is less tension on stage.”

Sandara Park mentioned, “There is only one advantage to solo activities. You can sleep a little better. (During group days) if we went to a makeup shop, I could only sleep for 3 to 4 hours. Even during shoots, I had to wait all night for other members to finish shooting, as we had to take turns. Apart from that, group activities are much better. They are fun, and there is synergy.”

Kim Tae-gyun asked if there was also more money in solo activities. However, Sandara Park honestly replied, “I earned much more during the 2NE1 days. The group was so successful.”

Source: daum