Sandara Park Reveals Age-Defying Secrets on SBS PowerFM: ‘I don’t drink…’

In an interview on the September 15th episode of SBS PowerFM’s “Cultwo Show,” Sandara Park stole the spotlight as she candidly shared the secrets behind her age-defying beauty.

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Dara also spilled about her exciting ventures in the world of entertainment. Here’s what she said.

The Secret to Sandara Park’s Youthful Appearance: Lifestyle Choices Unveiled

As the conversation unfolded during the show, Sandara Park’s seniority in the industry took center stage. With a sense of pride, she announced, “It’s been 14 years since my debut.”


(Photo : Daum)

Her statement was met with acknowledgement and respect from special DJ Kwak Beom, who humbly remarked, “It’s been 11 years since my debut,” cementing their senior-junior relationship in the entertainment world.

However, it was Sandara Park’s revelation about her age-defying beauty regimen that left listeners and fans in awe. When asked about the secret to her youthful appearance, she unveiled her surprisingly simple approach.

“I’m like an older sister wherever I go. I don’t indulge in alcohol or tobacco, I steer clear of late-night revelry, and I prioritize light eating and ample sleep.”

Her revelation underscored the notion that her radiant youthfulness is a testament to her lifestyle choices, built upon the foundation of cherishing quality time spent with her younger siblings.

Sandara Park Teases Mysterious Appearance on “Street Woman Fighter” Season 2

Sandara Park’s recent appearance on Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter Season 2” also drew considerable intrigue.


(Photo : Daum)

Despite the existence of promotional videos, she maintained an air of mystery, stating, “I have to be cautious since it’s still under wraps until the broadcast.”

Special DJ Kwak Beom expressed surprise at this, recalling, “But wasn’t the video already released? I saw you on the show.”

Sandara Park responded with a hint of amusement, revealing a lesser-known facet of her participation:

 “Yes, that was indeed me, but many viewers failed to recognize me. I joined the show because of my longstanding friendship with Lia Kim, and I hold profound respect for the dedication of the 1MILLION Team. It was a privilege for me to be part of such a talented group.”

Adding to the intrigue, Sandara Park’s immersion in ENA·SBS PLUS’ dating reality show “I Am Solo” was another point of interest.

She took the opportunity to recommend the show to DJ Kim Tae Gyun, explaining:

 “I haven’t had the chance to experience real dating since I began my career at a young age. Through ‘I Am Solo,’ I gained valuable insights into meaningful conversations and the complexities of dating.”

As Sandara Park continues to make her mark in the entertainment industry, her ageless charm, humility, and versatility stand as a testament to her enduring popularity and influence in K-pop.