SBS The Magic Star: NCT’s Doyoung and IVE’s An Yu-jin to Shine as Celebrity Judges on Magic Audition Program

In the realm of magic, where the extraordinary becomes ordinary and the impossible feels within reach, a new constellation is emerging. SBS The Magic Star, an upcoming survival program, promises to dazzle audiences worldwide with its blend of innovation, talent, and enchantment. Stepping onto the stage as celebrity judges are none other than NCT’s Doyoung and IVE’s An Yu-jin, adding their star power and expertise to the magical mix.

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The Magic Star invites magicians from every corner of the world to showcase their craft, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of illusion. From sleight of hand to grand illusions, contestants will vie for supremacy, weaving spells that captivate the imagination and defy explanation.

The announcement of the program’s star judges, NCT’s Doyoung and IVE’s An Yu-jin, has sparked a frenzy of interest, attracting inquiries from seasoned veterans to rising stars in the magical community. With a dedicated focus on unveiling hidden talents and fostering a passion for the art of magic, “The Magic Star” pledges to be a guiding light for aspiring magicians worldwide.

Speaking about the project, Producer Cho Yong-jae expressed his excitement for the opportunity to unearth new talent within the Korean magic community. With a commitment to inclusivity, The Magic Star welcomes participants from all walks of life, regardless of gender, nationality, age, or magical genre. It’s a testament to the belief that magic knows no bounds and that anyone with a passion for wonder can become a star.

The SBS magic survival show stands poised to cast its spell on audiences around the world. With Doyoung and An Yu-jin lending their talents to the judging panel, viewers can expect a showcase of unparalleled magic and a journey filled with surprises, thrills, and, above all, wonder.

SBS The Magic Star Release Date

The highly anticipated premiere of The Magic Star is scheduled for June 2024.

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