SBS Universe Ticket Episode 5 Preview: Determined Contestants Get Their Game Faces On After the 1st Elimination Round

SBS Universe Ticket Episode 5 preview released two days ago, and following the usual trend, we can expect another pre-released preview of the upcoming episode soon too. Following the first major round of eliminations during last week’s broadcast, the competition has undoubtedly roused the contestants to put on their game faces and give it their best to step closer to the finish line and grab one of the 8 Prism tickets to debut as K-pop stars.

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The Korean reality survival race commenced on November 18, and has been bringing emotional dramas of varying degrees every week, testing the contestants and audiences’ patience. SBS’ debut competition series (유니버스 티켓), originally holding the title, Universe Ticket: The Miracle of 82, has been produced by Lee Hwan-jin, known for yet another survival audition program, Loud (2021), featuring PSY and Park Jin-young (JYP Entertainment), and the variety game show Running Man.

SBS Universe Ticket Episode 5 Preview - Trailer

Episode 5 preview video released on December 8, two days after the fourth episode’s broadcast, and it shows the girls trying their hand at recording their vocal off-stage, while music producers guide them to do their best. Challenges emerge as the girls are taken on the rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. In that process, judges find themselves rooting for certain favourites, while fellow contestants are also left dazed with the extreme levels of competition ahead of them.

Weekly viewers of the show continue to express their concern about certain contestants receiving the best of things due to the favouritism that is being extended to them, whereas other competitors have been pushed back with lesser screen-time. Although 41 contestants were officially eliminated from the debut race, some others decided to step down at their own expense, leaving their fans in turmoil. Read on to find out what happened during the last broadcast.

The series originally brought in 82 contestants hailing from global countries like Canada, Australia, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Myanmar, France, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, and Italy, all born before the year 2011. The show’s finale will result in the declaration of 8 last-standing contestants as debuting members of a girl group that will be signed under the entertainment label, F&F Entertainment, for 2.5 years. The Universe Ticket audition series has welcomed a star-studded lineup of mentors for the girls. This stellar list of regular judges includes 7 South Korean celebs – Actor/singer Kim Sejeong, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, Yeji and Chaeryeong of ITZY, K-pop soloist Younha, and choreographer Choi Rian of LACHICA dance crew.

SBS Universe Ticket Episode 5 Release Date

The fifth episode is slated to release on December 13, 2023, Wednesday, at 10:40 PM KST (updated time). Global fan votes for the third ticketing event will be allowed to be casted till December 20, 2023, 11:59 PM KST.

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Where to Watch SBS Universe Ticket Episode 5

The next episode will most likely be live-streamed on YouTube, in addition to being broadcasted on the South Korean network SBS TV. International audiences can also view the episodes on streaming platforms Viu or Viki later.

Watch the SBS Universe Ticket Episode 5 Preview / Trailer

YouTube video

Brief Universe Ticket Episode 4 Recap

41 contestants were saved either as judge picks, or with the assistance of audience’s votes. The remaining 50% were eliminated on December 6.

Universe Ticket Episode 4 Eliminations (First elimination round)

Vu Linh Dan, Ahn Seungbi, Kim Seoyeon, Yoon Sooin, Kim Hyojin, Enny, Choi Sungeun, Kim Soyul, Choi Yeojin, Oukikk, Kim Hyemi, Jung Jiwon, Kim Chaewon, Cho Chaeyoung, Yoo Yena, Park Yehyeon, Jeong Huigyeong, Jang Minju, May, Yuriko Yamaguchi, Lee Suan, Kim Chaea, Pia, Jessica, Lee Jine, Kwon Yejin, Noh Yeonwoo, Jeon Jieun, Xiaoyu, Laura, Yang Eugene, Zhou Jiaqi, Yu, Jang Sunbin, Anxin, Yukino, Yuriko Honma, Cho Minseo, Mila, Izumi and Kim Yuri.

Other than these names, Alyssa and Natchayathorn have quit the show, thereby leaving only 39 contestants as remaining contenders.

SBS Universe Ticket Episode 5 Preview - Contestants
39 Contestants moving forward in the competition.

Original Full List of Universe Ticket Contestants

The SBS Global Audition 2023 Universe Ticket lineup consists of 82 contestants, and it was revealed in intervals. The first announcement included the following 41 contestants’ profiles – Heo Sunbin,  Choi Hyerin (also seen on Girls Planet 999), Choi Yeojin, Choi Sungeun, Cho Chaeyoung,  Gehlee Dangca, JAYLA, Jung Jiwon, Jeon Jinyeong, Jang Sua, Jang Subin, Lim Seowon (trot singer), Lee Suan, Lee Soovin, Yoon Sooin, Yu, Oh Daeun, Yang Eugene, Yamaguchi Yuriko, Alyssa, Aya Natsumi, Xiaoyu, Vu Linh Dan, Bang Yunha, Park Yehyeon, Vanesya, Mila, Minari, May, Riel, Laura, Noh Yeonwoo, Nako, Nana (former PRIKIL member), Kim Hyojin, Kim Soobin, Kim Soyul, Kim Seoyeon, Kwon Chaewon (formerly known as Eunchae of DIA), Kwon Eunhyung and Gabi. (Check out their profiles here)

The second announcement revealed the remaining 41 contestants as Goo Gyoryeon, Kwon Yejin, Kim Sumin, Kim Sujin, Kim Yuri, Kim Chaea, Kim Chaewon, Kim Hyemi, Narumi, Natchayathorn, Nizi, Park Yewon (former Hot Issue member), Bae Yeram (former Play With Me Club member), Bae Haram, Ahn Seungbi (former Play With Me Club member), Anxin, Enny, Elisia, Oh Yoona (former Play With Me Club member), Yona, Oukikk, Yuri, Yoo Yena (former member of groups Cookie, Dream Candy and LUNA KIDS).

Completing the list, the last few contestants are, Yukino (former PRIKIL member), Ido Tayui, Lee Sunwoo, Izumi, Lee Jine, Lee Huran, Jang Minju (former Majors member), Zhou Jiaqi, Jeon Jieun (former Busters member), Jeong Huigyeong, Jessica, Cho Minseo, Jin Hyeonju (former Good Day and cignature member), Kotoko, Pia, Honma Yuriko, Hwang Sieun, and Lee Eunchae.

Are you watching the new SBS girl group audition 2023 series these days? Let us know your favourite contestants so far in the comments section below.

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