SCoups Jumping During Concert Becomes Controversial — Why Are ARMYs Angry?

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SEVENTEEN S.Coups became the target of criticism from ARMYs (BTS fandom) after seeing him jump during an event.

S.Coups Anger ARMYs for Jumping During Stage Following Military Exemption

On May 5, an internet user brought back a video of SEVENTEEN’s leader S.Coups where he was seen jumping during their “FOLLOW AGAIN” concert.

With this, the fandom ARMY expressed their anger for this reason.

A post shared by instagram

The video, posted by a S.Coups fan, showed the idol performing with SEVENTEEN.

While all was going well, he drew attention for jumping in the air to complete the rigorous choreography that their song often has.

When the video spread on the internet, ARMYs, BTS fans, flocked all over the clip, eventually filling the quotes section with malicious and hateful comments towards the idol.

Apparently, the main reason they are angry is due to the fact that S.Coups has been exempted from his military service after the army placed him in grade 5 due to his knee injury.

A post shared by instagram

He obtained the injury while playing a ball game while filming content in August last year. He received a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee joint, which is why he had to undergo anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery and anterolateral ligament reconstruction surgery.

At the time, it was explained that his healing process after his surgery may take time and pushing him to do physical activities may pose a threat to his health and function.

Originally, ARMYs pushed for the exemption of BTS in the military service, highlighting their national contribution. While all members agreed that they wanted to serve when the time came, the fandom was insisting that they deserved the exemption.

Fans also mentioned Suga who continued to serve as a social worker even though he has been dealing with his shoulder injury.

Seeing S.Coups jump in the concert, ARMYs questioned his medical records and called him an “evader” and “coward” for not being able to do office work yet performing.


Amid the undying criticism, CARATs (fans of SEVENTEEN) continue to defend the idol and emphasize that it wasn’t S.Coups’ own decision to be exempted, but the military.

After the health exam, he was rated Grade 5 wartime worker due to ACL, which means that he will only be called up in times of war and used for military support duties.

Although ACL could be treated by having surgery, the healing process takes months, but it doesn’t mean that he could not do activities like dancing and jumping.

These activities are completely different from the military’s training and S.Coups doing this will only put his health at risk.

CARATs are also pissed at those netizens thinking that it is an “achievement” for them, as the evaluation is rather more concerning for fans due to the health status of the idol.

Looking at S.Coups’ recent videos, he’s actually more careful and reserved when performing compared to before, proving that his injury is still healing.