‘See You In My 19th Life’ Cast Update 2024: What’s Next For Shin Hye Sun & Ahn Bo Hyun?

Shin Hye Sun and Ahn Bo Hyun made every viewer swoon over their magical romance with the 2023 fantasy rom-com series “See You In My 19th Life.”

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The work was well-received by the viewers. Despite being a short-form K-drama, many tuned in to the show from beginning until the end. It even gained a huge following.

Missing the cast of the series? Keep on reading! Here’s where to see more of the cast of “See You In My 19th Life”!

Shin Hye Sun

Earlier this 2024, Shin Hye Sun returned with the refreshing romance drama “Welcome To Samdalri” with Ji Chang Wook.

Welcome To Samdalri
(Photo : Google )

She transformed into a professional photographer who reunites with her ex-lover after she comes back home to the beautiful island of Jeju. Check it out on Netflix now.

As of the moment, Shin Hye Sun prepares for her silver screen return with the thriller film “She Died” with Byun Yo Han and Lee El.

'She Died' Stills
Shin Hye Sun
(Photo : Shin Hye Sun Instagram)

It depicts the thrilling life of a real estate agent who embarks on a journey in order to clear his name of murder charges after witnessing the death of an emerging influencer.

“She Died” is underway, and it’s slated to hit the theaters in May so stay tuned for more updates.

Ahn Bo Hyun

Ahn Bo Hyun was cast to headline JTBC’s upcoming series “God’s Beads.” He is currently reviewing the project with a positive mind.

Ahn Bo Hyun
(Photo : Ahn Bo Hyun Instagram)

If he accepts the offer, he will play the role of Baek Gyeol, a son of a noble military man who is in search of the sacred beads of their country.

He will also work opposite veteran actor Lee Sung Min, who’s offered the role of Choi Koo, a member of Baek Gyeol’s convoy. Meanwhile, his romance film “Pretty Crazy” will also premiere.

'Flex X Cop' Stills
Ahn Bo Hyun
(Photo : SBS Drama Official)

It also stars Girls’ Generation Yoona, and it depicts the romantic tryst of a man and a woman who go on a bizarre date at 2:00 a.m. in the morning while the whole world is asleep.

Check out “Pretty Crazy” in theaters this June 2024. Stay tuned for more updates.

Ha Yoon Kyung

Ha Yoon Kyung will also return to the acting scene this 2024 with the Netflix series “Alone in the Woods” with Go Min Si and Yoon Kye Sang.

Ha Yoon Kyung
(Photo : Ha Yoon Kyung Instagram)

It follows two men who  encounter similar events despite living in different places and a strange woman who changes their lives forever, and it will be released in more than 190 countries once the work wraps up its final phases of its production.

Ahn Dong Goo

Ahn Dong Goo was also cast to appear in the upcoming film “It’s Okay to Just Breathe Next to You” with Kim Hyang Gi. The film also stars Korean singer and rapper Giriboy, raising curiosity among the fans.

Ahn Dong Goo
(Photo : Ahn Dong Goo Instagram Official)