Seolhyun Update 2023: What’s Next For The Idol-Actress This Year?

Idol-turned-actress Seolhyun cemented her name in the acting scene after she showed off her immersive performance in her slice of life series “Summer Strike.”

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She received great reception from the fans all around the globe, and even gained new supporters since. What’s next for the singer-actress? Read to know more.

Seolhyun Named Best Actress For ‘Summer Strike’ Performance

Earlier this 2023, Seolhyun received an honorable award for her amazing performance in her latest melodrama “Summer Strike.”


(Photo : Seolhyun’s Instagram)

Seolhyun was named the Best Actress of the Year at the 2023 LA Web Fest after her mature acting skills received great recognition in the global entertainment scene.

In addition, the comfort that “Summer Strike” delivered to fans is undeniably irreplaceable. The series focuses on the lives of people who take breaks from their busy lives, finding time to breathe.

'Summer Strike' Poster

(Photo : ENA Drama Official)

In the show, Seolhyun transformed into Lee Yeo Reum, a burned-out nurse who quits her job to find her self-worth and purpose in life in an unfamiliar village.

The idol-actress was finally recognized for her skills as an actress, which was described as “charming” by the representative of the film festival.

'Summer Strike' Stills

(Photo : ENA Channel Official)
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“I’m grateful to be named as one of the stars that shined a lot this year,” Seolhyun said. “I promise to return with a greater work in the future.”

Meanwhile, “Summer Strike” was also nominated in four major categories at the 2023 LA Web Fest including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress and Best Actor.

What’s Next For Seolhyun This 2023?

While excitement for Seolhyun’s return is through the roof, there’s no news about the idol-actress’ upcoming projects just yet.


(Photo : Seolhyun Official Instagram)
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Many fans expect to see the artist in another romantic comedy and slice of life series like “Summer Strike,” while some fans hope for another sci-fi work such as “Awaken.”

Through the years, Seolhyun was able to curate a flawless filmography as an acting idol. Her most noteworthy works include “Orange Marmalade,” “Ugly Alert” and “Memoir of a Murderer.”


(Photo : Seolhyun’s Instagram)

Apart from “Summer Strike,” Seolhyun’s most recent drama is “The Killer’s Shopping List,” a thriller comedy series with Lee Kwang Soo.

In the work, she portrayed Lee Kwang Soo’s reputable police girlfriend who works with him as he tracks down the serial killer who shops at their grocery store.

'The Killer's Shopping List' Main Poster

(Photo : tvN Drama)

The series received the green light for a spin-off called “The Killer’s Shopping Mall,” which is currently in its pre-production phase.

There’s no confirmation whether Seolhyun and Lee Kwang Soo will make a small cameo so stay tuned for further details.