‘Serendipity’s Embrace’ Teaser: Will Chae Jong Hyeop & Kim So Hyun’s Give Love A Second Chance?

Chae Jong Hyeop and Kim So Hyun are enticing fans with their romance in the “Serendipity’s Embrace” teaser.

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Keep on reading to have more glimpses of this upcoming on-screen couple!

Chae Jong Hyeop, Kim So Hyun Have Contrasting Views About Their Past Romance in ‘Serendipity’s Embrace’

Kicking off this month, tvN’s new romantic drama “Serendipity’s Embrace” dropped a teaser, featuring two ex-lovers who reunite after a decade.

“Serendipity’s Embrace” is a webtoon-based series of the same name. It follows the story of two former high school students unexpectedly reuniting a decade later and rediscovering their first love amid a series of fortunate events. 

Chae Jong Hyeop, Kim So Hyun
Chae Jong Hyeop, Kim So Hyun

Ahead of its much-awaited premiere, the drama’s team uploaded exciting character teasers.

In the clip, Lee Hong Ju (Kim So Hyun) and Kang Hu Yeong (Chae Jong Hyeop) reminisce about their 19-year-old selves in contrasting views.

The voice-over intrigues the viewers about their past romance.

For Lee Hong Ju, she vividly remembers giving a love letter to Hu Yeong, may it be in the hallway, playground, or outside the restroom on their campus.

To Hu Yeong, he recalled young Hong Ju as sincere, quirky, yet bold in love.

Lee Hong Ju’s declaration of confessing her love captures the pure and straightforward passion of first love.

Serendipity's Embrace Still - Kim So Hyun
Kim So Hyun | “Serendipity’s Embrace” still

Will Sparks Fly Again Between Lee Hong Ju & Kang Hu Yeong?

However, years passed and the 29-year-old Hong Ju has changed. She was once a cheerful and candid lover, and now has become cynical about love, dismissing first love as “something you do without knowing better.”

Serendipity's Embrace Still - Chae Jong Hyeop
Chae Jong Hyeop | “Serendipity’s Embrace”

As fate plays with her, she happens to reunite with Kang Hu Yeong, her first love. He remembers their teenage years and sparks unexpected feelings.

Meanwhile, Hu Yeong, who crossed paths again with Hong Ju gives a subtle look and a comment that ignites a spark in her heart, hinting at an exciting transformation.

Their contrasting look about their past love created a gap between them, but their genuine feelings for each other are expected to spark love again.

Chae Jong Hyeop and Kim So Hyun are ready to charm the viewers with their new romance drama and introduce another heart-fluttering love story beginning July 22 on tvN.

“Serendipity’s Embrace” will broadcast regularly every Monday and Tuesday at 8:40 p.m. (KST). It will also be available on TVING.

Check out the new romance drama’s trailer below!

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