Seungri embroiled in controversy after more leaked pictures “dating” and “clubbing” after criminal record for ‘Burning Sun’

Article: Seungri still wants to play.. idol with a ‘criminal record’ has ‘dating rumors’ → Club sightings

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Source: 10Asia

Former Big Bang member Seungri is embroiled in controversy in Korea.

Following reports of sightings at clubs, reactions are pouring out over his actions especially since he was imprisoned due to his club. Debates are pouring out with some criticizing his actions as ‘ironic’ after his criminal record while some are questioning whether there is any need to criticize his life. 

On the 10th, a post title, “Seungri still goes clubbing” was posted in an online community. In the photo, a man is seen in high spirits at a club.

The author claimed that the person the photo is Seungri causing hot criticisms to pour out. Netizens wrote, “People don’t change..” “He can’t give up his habits..” “He’s lost his mind..” and “Did you think he wouldn’t go to the club?” “Who made Big Bang like this?”

This isn’t the first time that Seungri’s private life has been leaked after concluding prison sentence. Last march, he was embroiled in dating rumors with an influencer and model Yoo Hye-won. There was talk that the two enjoyed a trip to Bangkok with reports that claimed the two were “affectionate lovers” and gave off a “sweet” atmosphere. However, they have both remained silent despite dating rumors.

Previously, Yoo Hye-won also accompanied Seungri during his send off in March 2021. 

Seungri’s life hasn’t changed post-prison. The main reports mostly heard about Seungri are related to ‘entertainment.’ Reports even came out that he contacted acquaintances and encouraged them to come out ‘clubbing.’ Seungri became a criminal as main accomplice of ‘Burning Sun Gate‘ that began with an assault at his club Burning Sun alongside criminals Jung Joon-young, Choi Jong-hun, etc. Even though he was imprisoned, his love for the club remained intact.

Seungri admitted guilt for a total of 9 charges to include prostitution, mediating prostitution, illegally filming molka, habitual gambling, hwanchigi, embezzlements, violations of Food Sanitation Act, and instigating special assault. He was sentenced to 1.5 years in prison and recently released from prison. 

While Seungri has been punished in the eyes of the law, he still remains morally responsible. There are some that argue that it’s harsh for his private life to be leaked every time since he’s an ordinary citizen, however responsibility over the current situation lies entirely with him. It seems like the public still requires time to forget his crimes. 

  1. [+128, -1] Daebak.. he still hasn’t come to his senses.
  2. [+108, -1] He’s out of his mind.. he can’t give up his habits. If I was him I wouldn’t be out right now.
  3. [+106, -5] Big Bang turned out like that because of him f*ck.. if only this ba$tard had never been in Big Bang!
  4. [+52, -0] tsk ㅉㅉ
  5. [+51, -0] Dogs don’t stop with their poops..
  6. [+37, -0] He’s still going around clubbing at his age.. 
  7. [+23, -0] Panny*ons need to stop swearing at everyone and curse Seungri instead.. that’d be more helpful for him in life.
  8. [+17, -0] Well, he’s only able to crawl out like this because he still has fans that love him and keep cheering him on..
  9. [+16, -0] I want to smack him once upside his head.. 
  10. [+10, -0] He’ll be playing and enjoying himself like this for the rest of his life as long as he’s able to keep making moneyㅋㅋㅋ
  11. [+9, -0] People don’t change ~
  12. [+6, -0] Did people really think he’d pull himself together and not go to clubs?ㅋㅋ

Additional source: Pann