SEVENTEEN Jeonghan Flaunts New Phone Wallpaper Featuring THIS Male Idol

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In a recent Weverse live session, SEVENTEEN Jeonghan took the opportunity to showcase his new phone wallpaper, revealing a surprising choice that has sent netizens into a frenzy.

Here’s what happened.

SEVENTEEN Jeonghan’s Phone Wallpaper Featuring MONSTA X Hyungwon Delights Fans

On November 14 (KST), Jeonghan, currently in Paris, treated fans to an impromptu Weverse broadcast, joined by fellow member Dino.

The live session was filled with laughter and engagement as they interacted with fans, making it an unforgettable moment for the SEVENTEEN fandom.


(Photo : Weverse)

However, the highlight of the broadcast came when Jeonghan proudly displayed his new phone wallpaper, and it featured none other than MONSTA X’s Hyungwon.

The revelation not only delighted fans but also shed light on the close friendship between Jeonghan and Hyungwon, which has been evident in various variety shows and candid moments of mutual admiration.

The timing of Jeonghan’s wallpaper choice added an extra layer of significance, as it coincided with Hyungwon’s enlistment for military service on the same day.

Prior to his enlistment, Hyungwon had shared obligatory shaved head photos with his fans, a customary practice among South Korean male idols.

SEVENTEEN Jeonghan Clarifies Hyungwon’s Instagram Photos in Hilarious Live Session

The wallpaper, however, took an unexpected turn when netizens noticed a discrepancy between the images shared online and the one proudly exhibited by Jeonghan during the live session.


(Photo : twitter|@miwon17_@)

MONSTA X Hyungwon

(Photo : Weverse)

Humorously, Jeonghan clarified that Hyungwon had initially sent him the photos from Instagram, but wanting something different, he requested a new one directly from his friend.

The relatable and lighthearted nature of Jeonghan’s explanation resonated with fans, who quickly dubbed this phase of his life as the “Military wife era.”

K-pop enthusiasts, familiar with the camaraderie among idols, couldn’t help but find the situation amusing and heartwarming.

As the video of Jeonghan’s live session made its rounds online, netizens expressed their amusement, with many noting the unique and endearing dynamics of idol friendships.

As the K-Pop world continues to showcase these genuine moments between idols, Jeonghan’s playful reveal stands out as a testament to the camaraderie that transcends group boundaries, bringing joy to fans across fandoms.