SEVENTEEN Joshua’s Rumored Girlfriend Draws Attention for Keeping THIS Comment

SEVENTEEN Joshua’s rumored girlfriend drew attention for keeping THIS comment that seems to target the idol.

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Model Miyoung Limits Instagram’s Comment Function Amid Hate from CARATs

After claims and speculations that Miyoung is in a romantic relationship with Joshua, a member of SEVENTEEN, her privacy has been continuously invaded by some CARATs (fandom) who can’t accept that she’s possibly seeing the male idol.

From calling her “social climber” to “shameless,” freelance model Miyoung has been suffering from hateful comments on her Instagram since the rumor broke, considering that there is no confirmation about the real score between her and the singer.

SEVENTEEN Joshua's Rumored Girlfriend Draws Attention for Keeping THIS Comment

(Photo : Miyoung (Instagram))

Initially, she remained silent and didn’t pay much attention to the haters and malicious comments, but on September 14, netizens noticed that Miyoung most likely reached her limit and started blocking comments on her Instagram.

Miyoung Draws Attention for Keeping THIS Comment – Is It Indirect Response to Dating Rumor With SEVENTEEN Joshua?

While she totally closed the comments for all of her posts, Miyoung drew attention by keeping some comments in her latest post uploaded on the 12th.

SEVENTEEN Joshua's Rumored Girlfriend Draws Attention for Keeping THIS Comment

(Photo : Miyoung (Instagram))

She mostly left comments from her Chinese fans undeleted, who gave her cheering messages on top of praising her beauty.

Miyoung also didn’t delete comments from international fans who asked haters to leave her alone.

As most of the undeleted comments were written in Chinese, English, and some Japanese, the few comments from Korean users stood out. One reply especially caught attention and sparked debate about why Miyoung decided to keep it.

SEVENTEEN Joshua's Rumored Girlfriend Draws Attention for Keeping THIS Comment

(Photo : Miyoung (Instagram))

SEVENTEEN Joshua's Rumored Ex-Girlfriend Breaks Silence About Past Relationship

(Photo : internet user comment (Nate Pann))

“Can’t an influencer date and show off their relationship with whoever her boyfriend is? Why should they pay attention to their boyfriend’s fans?

Those fans should have cared about Joshua, who was dating and showing off his relationship as a male idol, but why are you swearing at her… There’s no one in their right mind as a male idol fan, but this is a bit…”

After seeing this, K-netz spread the comment on the online community and had a discussion about why Miyoung left the comment.


(Photo : Joshua, Miyoung (Sports Kyunghyang)

Some of the comments are:

  • “Did they already break up? She doesn’t seem to be thinking about her boyfriend. She’s the only one getting defended in the comment. Also, it is not a good comment about Joshua.”
  • “Is she suddenly an anti-Joshua?”
  • “I would react like this too if we were dating but I’m the only one getting most of the hate. It’s not the dating that is the problem here, but Joshua and Pledis’s attitude to this rumor.”
  • “Just leave her alone.”
  • “She’s just making this whole situation bigger by doing this.”

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