SEVENTEEN ‘LALALI’ Banned by KBS, But CARATs Are Anything But Disappointed

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SEVENTEEN’s Hip Hop Unit, comprising S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon under Pledis Entertainment, has encountered an unexpected twist as their upcoming song faces a ban by KBS. Despite this hurdle, the anticipation among fans, known as CARATs, is soaring.

Over the years, SEVENTEEN’s Hip-Hop team has delivered some of the group’s most iconic tracks, showcasing their prowess in the genre.

The Anticipation for “LALALI” in 17 IS RIGHT HERE

With the announcement of their upcoming album, “17 IS RIGHT HERE,” fans eagerly awaited the reveal of the Hip-Hop Unit’s song, titled “LALALI.”

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The excitement further intensified when it was unveiled that all unit songs would have their own music videos alongside the title track, “Maestro.”

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Unexpected Excitement Among CARATs

Despite the setback of “LALALI” being banned from broadcast due to language concerns, CARATs surprised many by expressing excitement.




The ban, attributed to lyrics hindering the use of appropriate language, stirred curiosity among fans regarding the song’s content, possibly containing uncensored elements.

While KBS’s ban restricts the song’s broadcast, it hasn’t dampened the determination of SEVENTEEN’s Hip-Hop Unit. The members remain committed to performing “LALALI,” fueling even more anticipation among their devoted fanbase.

Recently, SEVENTEEN faced criticism from Korean CARATs after announcing their tour, with fans accusing them of repeatedly deceiving the fandom.

The discontent stemmed from various controversies, including dating rumors involving Joshua and the group’s choice to celebrate their 9th debut anniversary in Japan.

Fans expressed disappointment, suggesting that all members should enlist in the military. The sentiment was echoed in the comments section, where fans lamented the group’s actions and called for enlistment.

The ongoing criticism reflects a growing frustration among fans with SEVENTEEN’s decisions and behavior.