SEVENTEEN Mingyu Crowned Bulgari’s First Local Ambassador in Korea — KNetz Go Wild

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Renowned for its exquisite jewelry and luxury goods, Bulgari has made a significant move in the South Korean market by appointing Mingyu, a member of the popular K-pop group SEVENTEEN, as their first local ambassador.

This strategic decision aims to leverage Mingyu’s widespread popularity and influence to further establish Bulgari’s presence and resonate with Korean consumers.

Bulgari Names SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu as First Local Ambassador in Korea

At the Bulgari Studio Global Event held in Seoul, Mingyu’s presence was electrifying as he effortlessly showcased Bulgari’s iconic B.zero1 collection.

Mingyu’s charm, coupled with his impeccable style, captivated the audience and reinforced the idea that he is indeed the ideal representative for the luxury brand in South Korea.


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Bulgari’s decision to collaborate with Mingyu signifies a deeper commitment to engaging with the Korean market. CEO of Bulgari Korea, Lee Jeong Hak, emphasized the alignment of Mingyu’s qualities with Bulgari’s brand ethos.

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“We are beyond delighted to form a partnership with Mingyu,” Lee expressed. “His positive energy, attitude, and captivating style perfectly align with our brand’s innovative and bold spirit.”

Mingyu’s Role as Brand Ambassador

As Bulgari’s local ambassador, Mingyu is set to play a crucial role in communicating the brand’s values and messages to his vast fanbase.

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This partnership extends beyond mere endorsement, as Mingyu will actively participate in various collaborative activities with Bulgari, aimed at expanding the brand’s influence in the Korean market.

Future Collaborations and Expansion

Lee Jeong Hak highlighted Bulgari’s commitment to fostering a strong presence in South Korea through diverse collaborative endeavors with Mingyu.

These activities are poised to not only enhance Bulgari’s brand recognition but also create meaningful connections with Korean consumers, tapping into the country’s dynamic cultural landscape.


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Bulgari’s appointment of Mingyu as their first local ambassador in Korea marks a significant milestone in the luxury brand’s expansion strategy.

Mingyu’s widespread appeal and alignment with Bulgari’s brand values position him as an ideal representative to connect with Korean consumers.


Here’s what fans are saying:

he should be GLOBAL brand ambassador sorry but bvlgari you failed

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I am so happy for Mingyu and pray for our time to come. Amen


Mingyu deserves all the good things in this world.

ouu hard time for the haters. mingyukarma works faster and harder.

As this partnership unfolds, the collaboration between Bulgari and Mingyu holds the promise of exciting developments in the luxury market, solidifying Bulgari’s position as a leading global brand.