SEVENTEEN Woozi Reveals Why Some Countries Are Miss Out in Every Performances

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SEVENTEEN, the powerhouse K-pop group, has mesmerized millions with their electrifying performances across the globe.

From packed stadiums to intimate venues, their energy knows no bounds.

(Photo : Twitter)

Yet, amidst their whirlwind tours, a lingering question remains: why haven’t they graced certain parts of the world with their presence?

Netizens have been vocal about the absence of SEVENTEEN in regions like Europe, South Asia, and South America.

Even within their home country, Korea, the group tends to stick to familiar cities and venues.

The curiosity surrounding their touring decisions finally found some clarity when Woozi, one of the group’s vocalists, shed light on the matter during a recent live broadcast.

Appearing on a broadcast with Calm Down Man, Woozi shared insights into SEVENTEEN’s touring philosophy.

“As a group, we want to go everywhere. We don’t mind if it makes money or not, we want to go,” – Woozi

Woozi echoed the sentiments of the entire group.

When we receive tour [lists] that are very specific [to parts of the world] or are venues that [company] knows will gather lots of people, we know that even though it won’t change, we say we want to go to other places. Is it possible [to do it]? – Woozi

However, he acknowledged the logistical challenges and financial considerations that influence tour locations. “It’s true that if you don’t get income from a concert, you can’t do it,” affirmed Calm Down Man, acknowledging the economic realities of the industry. Woozi concurred but emphasized SEVENTEEN’s commitment to reaching their global fanbase.

No, you can’t. So we say that let’s do the usual tour areas that give us income. But we know that other countries want to see us. Wouldn’t it be good to go? – Woozi

He highlighted the group’s desire to connect with fans regardless of financial gain.

While SEVENTEEN has prioritized tour locations that ensure profitability, Woozi hinted at a potential shift in strategy.

The anticipation peaked when SEVENTEEN announced their Europe debut with shows scheduled in the UK and Germany at festivals.

Many fans hope this marks the beginning of a more expansive touring itinerary, one that embraces diverse regions and celebrates the global appeal of SEVENTEEN’s music.

As SEVENTEEN continues to captivate audiences worldwide, their journey serves as a testament to the unifying power of music and the enduring bond between artists and their fans. With each performance, they pave the way for a more inclusive and interconnected world of music.